A Night At The Sugar Ball 2013 In Photos – Part 4

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A Night At The Sugar Ball 2013 In Photos – Part 3

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A Night At The Sugar Ball 2013 In Photos – Part 2

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A Night At The Sugar Ball 2013 In Photos – Part 1

Sugar Ball 2013 which was the fourth annual ball was once again a huge success. Filled with great people, music, drinks, food and lots and lots of fun. Here are the photos from an amazing night! But Lovelies, this is only the beginning of all the photos that were taken so stay tuned for the rest!

Did the camera find you that night? Did you make any of the photos?

If you would like to have a copy of a photo please email viktoria@viktorialove.com

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LOOK OF THE DAY – Sugar Ball 2013

Hey Lovelies!

How are you? How was your weekend? I had a great weekend and on Friday I attended this years spectacular Sugar Ball. Every year I attend this event and of course one has to dress up a look good. So it’s not easy to find an outfit better than the previous years especially since Sugar Ball attracts young, good looking and very well dressed professionals. Let’s just say the pressure is on when it comes to choosing the right outfit. With that being said this is what I wore to Sugar Ball 2013.

I wore a cropped top that has been embroidered with all kinds of different beads and stones. It’s a very heavy top but personally it is one of my favourite tops in my collection. I bought this top last summer when I went to Spain and it was love at first sight. Since this top is cropped I decided to balance out the outfit by wearing a long black skirt with it. Personally I don’t think that a short skirt would have given this look the same kind of impact but I guess that is a matter of taste. Another reason for me wearing a long skirt is because I felt like it was a little bit more dressy and more appropriate for the Sugar Ball.

Here is a closer look at the top. Since this top is very intense, has a lot of details and is round in the neck I decided to keep my hair up in a classy top knot bun. I feel that if I had my hair down it would take away from the top as well as my hair might get stuck in all the beading. Another reason for wearing a bun that evening is because I feel that a bun like this can actually add to a already dressed up look. It makes one look very classy and more fancy in my opinion.

As for my makeup I didn’t do much. A little blush and a little mascara did the trick. I added a dark purple eyeliner to give my eyes more of an evening look and a cat-eye shape. When it comes to makeup I tend not to wear that much of it. I like when makeup looks more natural than when it looks like you’ve spent hours in-front of the mirror. In this case I think less is more.

As for my accessories I didn’t think I needed to wear that much of them either due to the tops intensity. I decided to go with large, gold earrings that matched the style of the top and a few black and gold bangles. That’s it!

Lovelies, let me know what you thought of my choice of outfit for Sugar Ball 2013. I always love to hear your feedback and opinions.

If you attended Sugar Ball 2013 then stay tuned because all the photos are going to be posted shortly right here on ViktoriaLove.com

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Hey Lovelies!

It’s time for another amazing eFashionista event and this time it’s all about fashion and traveling so it’s the perfect event for all you Travelistas out there!

Prepare yourselves to Pamper & Splurge, eFashionista is presenting another themed event on the go! Introducing a luxe travel event dedicated to Travelistas & Tos!


Travel Date: Dec.11th
Flight Times: 6pm, 7pm & 8pm
Travel Destination: Boutique VAULT by Europa (701 rue Saint-Pierre)


Enter a world of luxe travel essentials and indulge on travel-inspired cocktails, drinks & sweet & salty travel-sized bites

Packing Atelier: A packing expert will offer tips & tricks on how to pack your luxe essentials into your carry-on, best packer will win a luxe prize

Glam Passport Photo Bar: Get glammed by Ally Zwonok, styled & photographed by Beautifoto (you’ll receive the perfect portrait picture for your personal / company profile)

LUXE GIVEAWAYS: Every hour, there will be give-aways  from SWIMS, Mont Blanc, Marina Marina, TUMI, Pasotti, GUCCI, Swarovski, Rouge Nail Bar, the W Hotel & more.

Spend $100 + and your name will be entered in our draw for a free TUMI travel bag & Gucci jewelry

BOOK YOUR FLIGHT / TICKETS and take part in our one night, luxe travel-xcapade and take advantage of exclusive sales & giveaways ~ applicable on Dec.11th only

Want to attend this fab event then click HERE to get your ticket or enter the draw to win YOUR ticket to this fabulous event!

How to win a ticket to A Luxe Travel Event

1. Like ViktoriaLove & eFashionista on facebook HERE & HERE!

2. Comment on this post of on ViktoriaLove’s facebook page why you want to attend this event!

Good Luck & See You There Lovelies!

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My Wicked Weekend In Pics

Hey Lovelies!

I had a really nice and fun weekend and I wanted to share a few moments of it with all of you. I started it of by buying some nice hand-candy. A knuckle cross-ring and another ring with spikes bought at one of my favorite stores, Editorial boutique.

I ran some errands and ate some awesome mexican food on Saturday all in great company. I also felt like it was the perfect day to sport my studded and blinged out cap that day. What do you think?

Saturday evening it was time to see one of my best girlfriends. Have a little dinner and then head out for some fun. I didn’t really dress up because we said we were going to do it “casual style” so this is how I look on Saturday.

My friend Daniela, me and my friend Nat!

Me and Nat very happy to be spending time togehter!

Me just being silly me and Nat capturing it all on camera.

Having some drinks and enjoying the night…

Sunday is always a relaxing day for me so I decided to go for the “Hippie- chilled-out-look” what do you think? Did you know that the RayBan’s I’m wearing are my dads vintage leather RayBan’s from the 60′s? Pretty dope! I love them!

Gorgeous sunset on my balcony. Bliss!

The sky was so amazing on Sunday evening that I just sat there snapping pics with my iPhone and enjoying the gorgeous weather…loved it!

So all in all I had an amazing weekend that I spent with amazing people and the weather was pretty awesome as well!

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Motivating Mondays

Hey Lovelies!

How are you and how was your weekend? My weekend was pretty good. A little bit of this and a little bit of that but lots of fun like always. I saw some good friends of mine, relaxed and of course trained. There is no excuses for not training on the weekends. Although the weather has gotten a bit colder I didn’t mind it because I was happy to wear my fall jackets and fur vests. I love my fur vest. I’m not quite sure why but I just do!

This am I went to workout because yesterday I decided to have a “Faturday” so I had to burn off everything I ate and drank. My choice of exercise this am was 1-hour spin class and 1 TRX class which I think is pretty good for a Monday morning. I told you lovelies last week that I bought spin shoes and it was my third time using them this am and I have to say they really make a difference when spinning so I highly recommend them if you are planning to spin indoors this fall or winter.

Me and my friend Marta

Me and my lovely friend Natalie

I was really happy that Nat came out with me this weekend because she is one of my closest friends but I feel like I we don’t see each-other as much as I would like to so it’s always super fun to spend time with her. No matter what we do, where we are or if it’s just the two of us or with a bunch of people we always have tons of fun!

Now Lovelies, I’m going to attempt to make my very own and fresh broccoli soup from scratch. This can end two ways. Either I won’t be eating today or I’ll actually manage to make a pretty kick-ass soup and I will be eating that for lunch and dinner. Yes, both because I don’t like cooking so I’m most def not going to do it twice in a day. You feel me…?

Talk to you in a little bit!

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Backyard Dinner & Big In Japan

Morning Lovelies!

How are you this Saturday am? I’m feel pretty good I must say. I’m sipping on my coffee before I start getting ready for the gym.

Last night my friend Nat invited me over for dinner. She makes amazing salads and we all know that I love salads so there was no way I was not going to go. Since Nat was making the food I decided I will stand for the drinks so I thought what better than champagne and salad for dinner. Great combo!!!

Once we finished dinner we wanted to go and check out that little red door that’s right next to Patati Patata on the main just below Rachel. That red door leads to this bar called Big In Japan. I have previously been to their restaurant that is located on Pins and St Laurent. I was a little disappointed with the food when I went but I wanted to give Big In Japan a second chance. I had heard that this bar has been the latest hot spot for quite some time now. Luckily me and Nat arrived before the BIG rush.

When we walked in I instantly felt like at was at a secret location with big, thick curtains hiding the actual entrance to the bar. Once inside I was impressed at the contemporary design and the warm ambient lightning which was actually provided by Japanese whiskey bottles that were suspended from the ceiling.

Deciding what to drink depends only on your mood. Cold sake for a cool customer,Japanese prune alcohol on ice for a jet-set gent, Japanese whiskey for the smooth operators, or a traditional Pimm’s cup for the classy clients. Since I had been drinking bubbly all night I figured I will continue on the same streak with a Champagne cocktail. Our drinks were prepared by the barman who was dressed in a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie. I like his style…. While chatting and sipping on our yummy cocktails I enjoyed watching the bartenders shake their shakers, serve little appetizers and running around the bar which is actually reversed. Clients are sitting on the inside of the bar and the barmen are on the outside. Pretty neat!

Big in Japan is most def a spot I recommend you go check out especially since it’s pretty Big in Montreal right now! We finished our drinks and called it an early night since I have to be at the gym this am. But all in all in was a great evening and it was nice to spend some time with my friend because I felt like I had not seen her in ages.

Oh look there was a french bulldog stuck on my bag last night! Isn’t he SO cute?

I think he totally makes my bag look better….

OK, lovelies it’s time for me to get ready for some total toning with Kelly at Vic Park  and then I think I might go check out the new Victoria’s Secret store that opened here in Montreal. Let’s hope there is not a huge lineup.

Peace out for now!

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Hey Lovelies!

How are you? I’m great ready to take on Thursday like no other. OK, maybe I’m a little to excited but that’s never hurt anyone before. Last night I went for dinner and drinks with one of my best friends and we had such a blast. I was going to work on my abs this morning at the gym but I think I might be OK skipping that part because I abs are sore from laughing last night. It’s always like that when I met up with this “lovely lady”. Our chemistires mix in the air and there is a huge explosion of FUN!

We had a pretty nice dinner in the Plateau and then we stayed for drinks and we also headed for drinks at another bar and it was AMAZING! The nights that you don’t plan and you let them be filled with sporadic moments are truly the best nights ever.

It was SuperCalaFragaListicExpialaDopeShit!!!!! :)

By the way, what do you thing about my look last night? A little bit a la hippie? I’m trying to grow out my bangs and I’m at the in between stage right now which is super frustrating and I keep changing my mind wether to cut them or not every five seconds. I sort of liked the headband I had around my head to keep my bangs in tact. What do you think? Did it suit me? Anyways, I just have to tell you that I LOVE dressing up in different styles in the summer so let’s see which style of outfit it will be today but now it’s time for me to hit the gym and murder some calories!!!

Natalie and Me out for dinner & drinks last night….

I thought I was stylish but check out Natalie. She matches her drinks to her outfits! Can you get anymore stylish than that? :)

Have a LOVELY day everyone and check back later for some more fun stories and I will tell what was in the big package that arrived at my door the other day. Fun!

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