FASHION – Wrap It Up

Not only are head scarves super chic, they are très functional – especially for those sweltering summer days when your hair just doesn’t care to cooperate.

The trick is figuring out how to tie it all together.

Look no further than herehere and here for easy to follow instructions.

Wrap it up!

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FASHION – A Royal Flush Clutch

How killer are these playing card clutches, made by Urania Giourmetaki for her label Urania Gazelli?

Working out of her family’s plexiglass factory in Greece, it takes up to 12 hours for Urania to hand craft each clutch and even longer for custom pieces. We can’t wait to what other tricks the Greek designer has up her sleeve!

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LOOK OF THE DAY – Orange Details & Long Dress

Hello Lovelies!

How are you? I’m doing awesome and the best part is that it’s time for a new LOOK OF THE DAY post.

I wore this outfit the other day when it felt like it was summer. I figured I might as well take advantage because this won’t last forever and as most of you know it’s now going to rain for the next couple of days. That’s OK though I guess…I got a bit of a tan and spent all my days outside so with the rain coming up it will give me a chance to catch up on all my work since me and the rain don’t hang out together.

Anyways, this is what I wore….

Cardigan: Ralph Lauren

Dress: Lulu Lemon

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Sunglasses: RayBan’s

Belt: Hermes

Shoes: Superga

Accessories: Hermes bracelet and necklace, gold heart necklace, Nike fuel band, and some other little rings and bracelet.

The reason I really like this outfit is because it’s very comfortable and laid back but at the same time it’s has a little bit of classy-ness to it. I wore the cardigan because the morning was a little bit chilly however as the weather warmed up I took it off and my Lulu Lemon dress is backless so it was a perfect mix. As much as I love black I also really enjoy wearing colour so this outfit had the best of both worlds.

What do you think of this outfit lovelies? Do you have any favourite outfits for this Spring and Summer that you have already worm or can’t wait to wear?

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FASHION – One Way Mirrors

Hey Lovelies!

A year later and I’m still loving this trend as you can see from my pics below. I love wearing mirrored sunglasses and these are just a few of the ones I have.

What about you? Are you on board with mirrored sunnies?

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FASHION – Giles Deacon

Giles Deacon officially took “the accessory of the season” to the next level at his fall showing this week in London. I’m inspired to go purchase the thickest skein of yarn and the largest needles possible to knit these sick, super-sized beanies.

I want one SO bad!

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Fashion Obsession – MadHatters

Hey Lovelies!

My latest fashion obsession are hats, tuuks and caps. And I can see that I’m clearly not the only one obsessing over head-fashion. Take a look at all this great fashionistas from New York Fashion week and their lovely hats!

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Luxury vs Budget

Vita Fede 489 CAD or Topshop 15 CAD

Which one would you choose?

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FASHION – Free Peoples Girls On Bikes

I’m loving Free People‘s January catalog, shot by Guy Aroch in bike friendly Amsterdam and featuring their newest collection of artisan bike accessories. Starting this month, they will carry limited edition items including hand-tooled and painted bike seats, crochet skirt guards, embossed handlebar grips, hand-painted wooden bike stands, and wine bottle holders.

I mean, how adorable is that tricked out tandem!?

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Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – For The Globetrotter Girl

Spain, Egypt, France, China, New Zealand, Turkey, Chile , UK. . . the extensive wish list of places to explore go on and on and on.

So what do you get the jet-setting globetrotter?! Here are just a few ideas that I found!

clockwise from top left: Lizzie Fortunato La Punta Necklace $160, Loeffler Randall Fringe Shooter Bag $277,Del Toro Mororccan Slippers $325, Terrapin Postcard Pack $26, Flight 001 Luggage Tag $15, Scratch-Off Mini Wall Map $20, Sir Alistair Rai Wrap $95, Lomography Diana F+ Map Camera $99, Hersey Asktan Love Earrings$150, CB2 Universal Travel Adapter $23, Jaime Young Company Chalk Globe $310, Globetrotter Safari Suitcase$1600, Aesop Jet Set Kit $35, Play Clan Eye Mask $24, Gypset Travel $29)

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IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS – Holiday Gift Guide 2012

Figuring out what to get the men in your life isn’t always easy. Especially if, like ME, you usually spend a disproportionate amount of your shopping time drooling over the latest purses, jewelry and dresses. So whether you’re shopping for your brother, father or boyfriend, read on for the best dude-approved gifts out there.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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