Ive been spotting some classy midriff-baring looks as of late, with crop tops revealing just a sliver of skin. To recreate this polished look, pair cropped tanks and sweaters (ASOS and American Apparel have affordable options) with high-waisted skirts and trousers.

I personally love this summer trend – what about you?

Here is a pic of me in one of my crop tops…this one is a little more dressy but I like them all and below you have tons of different options, colors and styles for crop tops.

(images via VogueStreet PeeperNY MagFashionVibeAtlantic PacificSea Of ShoesGarance Doré,Le 21èmeHarper’s BazaarGrazia ItDans VogueBisous NatashaWayne TippetsThe Front Row View, & Fab Sugar)

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MOST WANTED – Mancapane Rain Boots

Hey Lovelies!

I want to get a new pair of rain boots and I feel like the whole world is walking around in Hunter rain boots. Don’t get me wrong I really like Hunters but then I also like to be different so I went on a little rain boot hunt.

I love italian fashion and design so of course I had to do a little digging but look at these super fun rain boots from Mancapane. Shall I get them?

I love them because the look like boots, they look like they are leather and the have bling bling. Basically all the things I love. Besides how many other girls will be strutting around and jumping into little puddles of water in these gorgeous rain boots?

I think I’ve made up my mind and I’m going to get them Lovelies!

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MOST WANTED – Anna Karin Karlsson’s Sunglasses

Being obsessed with sunglasses, I got all excited when I found out about the Swedish eyewear designer Anna-Karin Karlsson’s quirky cool sunglasses. So I went to check out the collection and try out these red rose framed sunnies, I loved them! They were perfect in size and just in time for the warm weather.

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MOST WANTED – Parajumpers Mary Todd Jacket

I have been wanting a good spring and transition jacket for quite some time. I have a ton of jackets but I want one that I can wear everyday for every occasion, ok for almost every occasion. I want to be able to wear it on sunny days as well as on rainy days without getting absolutely soaked. I think I have found my perfect jacket. I have a Parajumpers winter jacket and I love it so I have no doubt I will love this Spring 13 Parajumpers jacket as well. I think I would want to buy it in black although the blue is super nice as well. It’s just I think I will have more use for the black one that’s all.

Neeeeed this jacket!

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MOST WANTED – Celine Trapeze Bags

Lovelies, no need to say more… This bag is in my MOST WANTED list in any size and any colour combo, whichever I can get my hands on.

Styledrops just recently stocked a number of new bags from the Celine Winter 2012 collection.  Prices range from $2200USD for small and $2400USD for large. Note that the company calculates the brokerage and duty costs for you country so you may expect to see an additional cost upon check-out. Luckily Styledrops ships worldwide!  In addition to the trapeze bags, they also have the new “Celine Mini Luggage” in black with red trim for $2,500USD.

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Earrings are generally not the first thing I gravitate towards when picking out jewelry as I’m mostly partial to bracelets and rings. I also tend to mostly wear the same earrings on a daily basis unless there is a special event. However, I’m loving the ear cuff trend right now – it’s such a nice departure from your standard, matchy-matchy fare. Here are a few ear cuffs I would like to get.

Clockwise from top left: Repossi Rose Gold Ear Cuff $4,730, Love Me Not Ear Cuff $18, Bling Ear Curve $28, A Peace Treaty Neith Gold Line Ear Cuff $132, Asos Leaf Ear Cuff $14, Asos Filigree Stone Link Ear Cuff $11,  Topshop Hands Ear Cuff $20, Topshop Leaf & Stone Ear Cover $18, Top Shop Chain Stone Ear Cuff $20, Etro Swarovski Crystal Ear Cuff $340, Mania Mania Telepathic Ear Cuff $190, Jacquie Aiche Bezel Ear Cuff $165,  Maria Francesca Pepe Crystal Stud Ear Cuff $62, Asos Pearl Stud and Link Ear Cuff $11, Topshop Triangle Bar Ear Cuff $18, Mr.Kate Bark Ear Cuff $39, Husam El Odeh Exclusive for Asos Ear Cuff $440; bottom image via Mr. Kate)

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MOST WANTED – BE & D Big City Stiletto Sneakers

Canvas sneaker with stiletto pump silk screen print on upper and rubber sole.

I LOVE these and if you do too you can get it here I know I need a pair!!!

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MOST WANTED – Tom Dixon Scented Candles

I’m obsessed with candles so I just had to share this with you.

British design brand Tom Dixon has released its new Eclectic by Tom Dixon product range this season.

The ‘Royalty’ scent is nickle encased and comes with a marble lid that doubles as a stand, and is engraved with the brand’s crest. The ‘London’ scent comes in a brass case, also presented the same marble lid. The cases both have the Eclectic by Tom Dixon brand embossed and look beautiful.

You can purchase the two candles now from Mr. Porter, each priced at just below 80 Euros.

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MOST WANTED – I “Pinky Swear” Rings

You ask what my new and  current obsession is?

Pinky rings!

Bittersweets‘ dainty Club Pinky Rings, to be exact. These are customizable 14k gold rings for you and your bestie so that you, too, can join the pinky club.

I pinky swear these rings are super cute and your bestie will love it too!

(Bittersweets Club Pinky Rings $175, Catbird First Knuckle Ring $64, Catbird Gold Heart Ring $96; all images by HonestlyWTF)

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MOST WANTED – Celine Tote Bag

Lovelies, I’m in desperate need of  black bag. I have all the colors, shapes and models you can imagine but I don’t have a black bag except for my Chanel bag but I don’t use it on a daily basis. So I’ve been thinking about getting a Céline bag for quite some time now and I feel its not long till I acually do it. I think it would be a perfect everyday bag for me that I use going shopping, going to the gym or going out with for a drink. I would be a great all purpose bag.

Now, I just have to find a black one and get it!

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