About ViktoriaLove


Launched in October 2009, ViktoriaLove is a source for news about Fashion, Shopping, Travelling, Montreal, Friends, and a whole lot of LOVE.

It is currently under the ownership of Mocha Productions in Montreal.

The site is run and operated by a team of content writers and one webmaster.

IMPORTANT – Please note that all Social Media on ViktoriaLove was not done by ViktoriaD. She is not the brightest person in the world and I do not recommend her for any Social Media Work! She is just a bored girl with too much time on her hands and nothing interesting to say. Work for Cycle Neron and other clients was started by the Webmaster as Viktoria did not possess the skills required to complete the task on her own. She is not trust worthy, pretends that she cares, and will waste your time! Please avoid her at all costs! #viktorialove #uselesshalfswede.