Backyard Dinner & Big In Japan


Morning Lovelies!

How are you this Saturday am? I’m feel pretty good I must say. I’m sipping on my coffee before I start getting ready for the gym.

Last night my friend Nat invited me over for dinner. She makes amazing salads and we all know that I love salads so there was no way I was not going to go. Since Nat was making the food I decided I will stand for the drinks so I thought what better than champagne and salad for dinner. Great combo!!!

Once we finished dinner we wanted to go and check out that little red door that’s right next to Patati Patata on the main just below Rachel. That red door leads to this bar called Big In Japan. I have previously been to their restaurant that is located on Pins and St Laurent. I was a little disappointed with the food when I went but I wanted to give Big In Japan a second chance. I had heard that this bar has been the latest hot spot for quite some time now. Luckily me and Nat arrived before the BIG rush.

When we walked in I instantly felt like at was at a secret location with big, thick curtains hiding the actual entrance to the bar. Once inside I was impressed at the contemporary design and the warm ambient lightning which was actually provided by Japanese whiskey bottles that were suspended from the ceiling.

Deciding what to drink depends only on your mood. Cold sake for a cool customer,Japanese prune alcohol on ice for a jet-set gent, Japanese whiskey for the smooth operators, or a traditional Pimm’s cup for the classy clients. Since I had been drinking bubbly all night I figured I will continue on the same streak with a Champagne cocktail. Our drinks were prepared by the barman who was dressed in a crisp white shirt and a black bow tie. I like his style…. While chatting and sipping on our yummy cocktails I enjoyed watching the bartenders shake their shakers, serve little appetizers and running around the bar which is actually reversed. Clients are sitting on the inside of the bar and the barmen are on the outside. Pretty neat!

Big in Japan is most def a spot I recommend you go check out especially since it’s pretty Big in Montreal right now! We finished our drinks and called it an early night since I have to be at the gym this am. But all in all in was a great evening and it was nice to spend some time with my friend because I felt like I had not seen her in ages.

Oh look there was a french bulldog stuck on my bag last night! Isn’t he SO cute?

I think he totally makes my bag look better….

OK, lovelies it’s time for me to get ready for some total toning with Kelly at Vic Park  and then I think I might go check out the new Victoria’s Secret store that opened here in Montreal. Let’s hope there is not a huge lineup.

Peace out for now!

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