LOCKS OF LOVE – Hair Bow Tutorial

Hey Lovelies!

After lots and lots of comments and likes of my Hair-Bow style I was sporting the other day and that I shared with all of you on ViktoriaLove’s Facebook fanpage I promised all you Lovelies a step by step tutorial.

So here it is Lovelies!!!

Step 1 – Pull hair into a high half ponytail using an elastic you keep your hair in place.

Step 2 - Split the bun into two sections.

Step 3 - Wrap the remaining of the hair forward.

Step 4 - Secure the tail that you pulled forward with bobby pins.

Step 5 - Bobby pin the sides of the bow down if you want depending on the texture of your hair.

Step 6 - If you necessary or if you want spread the bow sides to make them bigger. It’s up to you what effect of the bow you want.

Step 7 - Bobby pin bow down

Step 8 – Secure any loose ends of hair and voila you have your own hair bow!

Let me know if you have any questions and I’m sure you will all look fab sporting this super cute hairstyle!

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FASHION – Jennifer Fisher SS 13

Jennifer Fisher‘s spring presentation is just AMAZING!!!

I love the layers upon layers of honeycomb shaped necklaces, heavy geometric chains, bone shaped and spiked cuffs, delicate handpieces, and diamond encrusted rings.

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FASHION – Preppy School Look

Love this editorial!

It might be because I love the Preppy-School-look!

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ART & DESIGN – Bottle Cap House

Olga Kostina has turned her modest home, in the rural town of Kamarchaga in the Siberian taiga, into quite the landmark. Inspired by traditional macrame motifs, the Russian pensioner has individually nailed over 30,000 plastic bottle caps to create pixelated patterns. She’s vowed to continue adding more bottle caps until every wall is completely covered. What patience and what talent don’t you think lovelies? If I had a country house I would like it to look like that I just wouldn’t do it myself.

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ART & DESIGN – Railway Cottage

Zecc Architects have designed the remodel and expansion of a historic railway cottage in Santpoort-Noord of the Netherlands. They have done a great job preserving the original structure as well as the brick walls and windows. And with the addition of modern elements and amenities, this is truly a special home! Who would have thought that a railway cottage could turn out this beautiful but then on the other hand it’s Zee Architects behind it after all.

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My Circuit Trainings & Other Workouts

Hey Lovelies!

Just as promised I will tell you a little bit more about my training and different workouts I do during the week. I have received quite a few questions about that so I decided it’s time to write a post instead of answering everyone individually. As well as for all off you shy one’s that don’t ask any questions well you will benefit from this post too.

OK, so let me begin with the hardest type of workout I do and it’s called circuit training or crossfit. As most of you know I train at VicPark in Westmount where this type of training is offered but there are tons of other places that offer this type of training as well. Circuit training is basically a bunch of different stations that are set up and you stay at each station for about 20-30 seconds and you do as many reps as you can during that period of time. You repeat this circuit about 3 to 4 times without having a break. Then you take a small break and repeat the same circuit of change it up with different types of exercises. A circuit can be anything between 30 to 60 min and trust me you will be pretty exhausted at the end of it. Some days the circuit I take is upper body other days it’s lower body or sometimes just abs. Or like today it was a full-body circuit. I had my trainer Dany Alza take a few pics of me doing the circuit the other day so I wanted to share those with you. I know the pics are not the best but it’s very hard to get good ones since I’m always moving.

Here is one of the stations for working out your upper body. More specifically I’m working on my upper-back muscles and also a little but of my arms.I’m sort of suspending my body weight on an elastic rope and pulling it back and forth. Not easy but a great workout I always feel my back muscles a little sore after doing that.

Here I’m holding 2 x 45 pound bars that I’m swinging up and down to workout my arms. I’m working pretty much the whole arm and shoulders as well. I find this one of the hardest stations when doing a circuit. I know it might not sound that challenging but trust me it really is.

Here I’m working working out both upper and lower body. I’m doing lunges while pulling back on these cords which are attached to weights and that is working out my back and arms. I alternate my legs when it comes to doing the lunges.  This is a great station because you workout both your upper and lower body. Is it easy? Nah, not really but I think it’s probably one of the more pleasant stations or maybe it’s just me that doesn’t mind it that much cause I have done like millions and millions of squats since I started exercising and I’m kind of used to them now….eh not really but you know what I mean.

I wish I had more pics to show you of different stations but I guess I will have to leave that for a next post because the rest of the pics I have a really blurry. However, I hope that you get the idea of what circuit training or crossfit is. I strongly recommend this type of high intensity training  and you should come try it out with Dany Alza at VicPark.

If I’m not at the gym doing a circuit training, a intensive one hour spin class or lifting weights then I’m outdoors doing some form of exercise and one of my favorite is taking a run up the Mount Royal mountain and then doing a few rounds of the stairs. It’s great for cardio and amazing for your legs, calves and butt of course. It’s the prefect workout for a girl if you know what I mean. It targets most girls problem areas but I think it’s pretty awesome for you guys too. Sometimes I also do different ab, legs, butt and arm exercises on the grass after coming down from the mountain. I know that this warm weather won’t last much longer so I want to take advantage of it.

With that being said I love working out at the gym where I have all the necessary props and tools set up for me to use but during the past couple of weeks I have realized that there is all kinds of props that can be used while exercising outside as well. Anything from park benches to cement pillars. Like in the pic above you can see me doing some climbing action in Mount Royal park. I believe that if you want to exercise and get in shape you will find a way and you will find the time to do so. I think that those who make excuses for not exercising are sort of BS’s themselves and trying to do so to others. That’s just my personal opinion. Just saying…

For those of you who exercise you know how great it feels once you have completed your exercise routine for the day. It feels like you are on top of the world and you can do anything. It gives you a boost of energy and makes you feel great in general. I try to alternate between, weights, endurance training and cardio through-out the week as much as possible so that my body doesn’t get used to just one form of exercise because then the result become less. Everyone needs to find their balance and the right workout for them.

On that note I would like to say that I LOVE exercising and I know that I do it a lot. I have people constantly telling me I should take a break and not push myself so hard but that’s who I am. I listen to my body and I like to push my limits to the max, that’s just the way I am. So might called it an adrenaline junkie but it is what it is.

If you have any questions regarding fitness or working out just let me know lovelies!

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Sometimes it’s nice to relax all au-naturelle

Hey there Lovelies…

First I want to apologize for being a little MIA but I have been busy living my life a little which takes up quite a bit of my time. I have tried to update all of you through the ViktoriaLove facebook page as best as I could. I have been busy training, working, seeing friends and a bunch of other things. I also have something personal within my family that’s consuming my mind and it has had me a little worried now for quite a few days now. Other than that life is good and life goes on.

I have so much to tell you but I want to make each event of the past week and this week a separate post so that I can tell you about each event in detail if you know what I mean. However, tonight I’m at home relaxing on my sofa, with some nice smelling candles and the bachelorette playing on the TV in the background while I do work on my computer. So pretty much the perfect evening for me after some crazy, busy days. Sometimes my friends think that I don’t like to be at home and do nothing or be by myself but as a matter of fact I LOVE it. I love the solitude of just me in the comfort of my home. It’s so relaxing and calming. It brings me a piece of mind after my mind has been racing with all kinds of different thoughts.

BTW I know the pic above it’s not the best but that’s the real me. Just at home in my comfy clothes, close to bed time and with now make-up or like some might call it all au-naturelle. It feels nice to take of my make-up after a whole day and just put some nice hydrating creme on my face. Anyways I don’t want to bore you with my relaxing-home routine. I just wanted to say I’m sorry once again for being MIA and let you know that I’m back now!

For all of you who have written me questions and comments about Chanel bags I wanted to let you know that I read them all and I will answer them all as well. I appreciate all of you sharing your prices from all over the world and other useful information here on ViktoriaLove. I love you all for that!

Big XOXO’s and Sweet Dreams Lovelies!

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A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

Good Morning Lovelies!!!

How are you? I’m doing better than yesterday and I’ll tell you why. I have been doing crazy shifts at the gym and kept myself busy all week and I think it got to me yesterday. My whole body was in pain and sore everywhere. Once I finished laundry and ironing (which I dispise BTW), I sat down on my sofa and could not move. I decided to have a light snack and go to bed early to get my beauty sleep. However, since being this busy is always fun I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining why the blog has been a little bit quiet.

The pic above was taken when I went to do the run on the mountain and the stairs the other day when the weather was really nice since I knew it was going to rain the rest of the week.

Me and Rick after we had BBQ dinner at his place. I like to title this photo as “Beauty and the Beast” and I’m pretty sure you can figure out who is who in this photo. Just saying…

Oh yes, I had my nails done this week. As much as I adore all shades of pink I had to face reality that fall is here and it’s time to change to some more “fall-ish” colors. So I decided to go for a purple/grey with a few sparkles on one nail. I love them and think this is one of the best transition colors for fall.

While on a hunt for Superga’s in Montreal’s Little Italy I spotted this Gucci Fiat and since I’m just a tad obsessed which designer…. eh pretty much everything I had to snap a few pics. I think it’s a pretty cute car but not something I would like to drive around in. I rather cruise around the waters on a Gucci boat I’ve spotted Up North a few weeks ago. Just saying…

Oh Lovelies, here are my new Superga’s I got and I just love them. This is my third pair if you don’t count all the ones I had as a kid. These shoes are not that popular in Montreal but if I can have my say Montrealers need to get out of their bubble of dressing the same all the time. Try something new, something that all your friends perhaps are not wearing. Again I’m just saying since fashion is so much fun why do you have to limit yourself.

BTW do you love these gold, glittery Superga’s as much as I do?

Lovelies, to always stay up to date on what I’m doing follow me on Instagram @ViktoriaLove

Now I have to go get ready for the gym and then I have quite a few errands to run such as I want to go do my eyebrows, check out TopShop at the Bay and few other things. Have a lovely morning and I’ll be back in a little bit!

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IRIS SETLAKWE at Montreal Fashion Week 23 Day 2

Iris Setlakwe’s passion for fashion isn’t anything new. At just 21 years of age, the young woman launched her own retail clothing company for men and women. Ten years later and with impressive professional experience to her credit, this self-taught designer founded the Pur label in 2001, which eventually became her own eponymous label, Iris.

For her upcoming 2013 Spring-Summer collection, designer Iris Setlakwe artfully combines natural materials and flamboyant colours to transport us into a universe of elegance and romanticism that is as glamorous as it is feminine. A collection highlighted by casual chic accents where diaphanous fabrics harmonize beautifully with summer freshness.

Enjoy the photos of some of mine favorite pieces from the runway show!

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DUY at Montreal Fashion Week 23 Day 2

DUY, the eponymous Montreal-based high-end ready-to-wear line created by Duy Nguyen in 2001 has won numerous fans for its sharp tailoring and impeccable cuts. Duy has always experimented with the best in quality fabrics and pattern-making. His unmistakable precision, his mastery of cut and his high precision tailoring have created a unique approach that has become his signature. His timeless pieces have made him a favorite amongst women looking to be beautifully dressed, no matter the time of day or the season. Fashion editors and industry players who have been rightfully impressed with his edgy contemporary styling.

“My clothes are edgy and innovative yet very wearable. They have a refined sensibility with unexpected details to catch the eye” says Duy.

Born in Vietnam, raised in Montreal, Duy studied fashion design at College LaSalle and has worked with some of the biggest names in Canadian fashion design.

The DUY’s summer opus is composed with this contest between structured and fluid, all conceived with poetic and fresh aesthetic. A judicious work of juxtapositions and amalgams as only this designer knows how to propose. On the runway, the models evolved in an oceanic and divine atmosphere in which the colors gave tribute to youth and to true passion. Consistent with his habits, the Spring-Summer 2013 of DUY is cleverly built by his agile hand, common signature within the designer’s work.

I really enjoyed this collection presented by DUY and I can see myself wearing and buying several pieces from this collection which I always tend to look for when I’m watching a fashion show.

Great job DUY!

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