Wonderful Wednesday


Hey Lovelies!

I’ve decided that every Wednesday should be called Wonderful Wednesday. It’s more fun like that and I like to keep things positive if you know what I mean. This am I went to the gym as usual. I did a spinning class and a zumba class so I packed in tons of cardio in my workout today. Fun! After my two hour workout I met up with my naturopath to get the low done on my results from last week. So basically I have to keep doing what I’ doing. Eating right, exercising but I need to start taking some new supplements so that I can get all my hormones under control. When I say hormones I don’t mean that I’m like a cray women right now that’s moody or anything along those lines. When I say hormones it has to do with my digestive system and the way it works. Right now it’s not working at it’s optimal lever but that where we want to get it in order to see more results in weight loss, more energy and to just feel better overall. I’m excited to start this new stage in my life and I just can’t wait to see the results. I’m a very determined person so I know that I will be able to follow all the steps that have been put forward to me today. Yes, it will most def be a challenge but that has never scared me away before. I know I will have to be even more disciplined than I am now but I pretty sure I can handle it.

I’m also changing my workout schedule quite a bit to give my body a little shock since I think a lot of the classes that I take right now are getting a little bit to easy for me right now. So this is how my schedule is going to look for the month of September at Vic Park.

Monday am: Pilates 1 hour & TRX 1hour

Monday pm: Crossfit

Tuesday: Crossfit (upper body) & Spin and Sculpt

Wednesday: Crossfit (lower body), Sculpt and Core & More

Thursday am: Spin & Sculp and Zumba

Thursday pm: Crossfit

Friday: Crossfit (abs) and Spinning

Saturday: Total Tone (weight class)

Sunday: Spinning

Yes, it’s going to be a really intense month when it comes to training but hopefully it will pay off in looking and feeling better. I mean you have to put in the work if you want to see the results. There is no other way about it girls and boys. Work hard and the payoff will be great. I’m very excited for September first to come so I can start my new routine but I’m also just a tiny bit worried because I know this is a lot for anyone’s body to handle unless you are a professional athlete which I’m obviously not.

I will keep you posted on my progress during the whole month and hopefully I will make it to the end! Now it’s time for me to do some work before I pay a visit to Lulu Lemon and go walking up Mount Royal and do a few rounds of the stairs.

Woop, woop for wonderful Wednesdays!

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