Tuesday Clouds & Fun ArmCandy


Hey Lovelies!

How are you on this rainy, cloudy and very humid day? I’m doing pretty well considering the weather circumstances. I had a wicked good spin and sculpt class this morning. What made it so good is of course the instructor and that it was so freaking hard and exhausting. I love it! Tomorrow is also going to be a challenge because I’m doing crossfit at 8.00 am, sculpting at 9.00 am and then working on my abs at 10.00 am. So yeah that’s like 3 hours of a full body workout. Craaaaazy! By know most of you know that I like to challenge myself and if I don’t I’m not really satisfied.

Although the weather was pretty gloomy a few seconds ago it’s looking like the sun might come out after all. Woop! Woop! My gf texted me a few minutes ago asking me if I would be up for doing a few rounds of the Mount Royal stairs and of course I am. I never say no to more exercise.

I passed by Lulu lemon the other day and I really like some of their pre-fall collection that they received so I might go back and try a few things on since I mostly live in Lulu lemon clothes during the day. I like that they have expanded their horizons and are now designing more fashionable day clothes rather than just gym clothes if that makes sense?

I absolutely LOVE arm candy. By that I mean bracelets of all shapes and forms so check out my new addition my ringcelet or you can also call it a handpiece in gold and with a skull. I love it and I’m very addicted to it so I think I might even go and buy another one but in silver. Do you look armcandy?

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