Champagne Diets and Wicked Weekends


Hey Lovelies!

How are you? How has your week and weekend been? Mine has clearly been pretty awesome a very busy as you might have noticed that I have not blogged for a few days which is not my usual style. However to make up for the days I have not shared my life with you here is a picture bomb of my past week and weekend.

Lovely Nat and me went for drinks at like all the bars on Mont Royal street. It was a bar-hopping night and it was so much fun.

I always have tons on fun with Nat no matter what we do but I know that if we have a night out together the next morning will be pretty rough but it’s totally worth it.

One of the place that we stopped by was Candy Bar on Mont Royal.

Me and Paul!!!!

This is one of the outfits I was wearing.

Top: Christian Dior

Belt: Gucci

Skirt: D&G

Shoes: Tory Burch

Marta and Alex are other friends of mine that are always a blast to hang out with.

I was trying to get in the spirit of “Yo Yo” and I think the cap suits me pretty well what do you think lovelies?

I decided to have a more of a quiet night with one of my friends so we went for some authentic arabic food at Habibi and smoked some grape shisha. Yum!

I visited Salon Orbite to get my higlights done by Roxanne which is amazing when it comes to blonds and then I got a haircut and an amazing blowdry by the very talented Braydon Nelson. He does the most amazing blowdries ever and day stay perfect for days. Highly recommended salon with very talented hairdressers!!!

Voila! Like my new hairstyle? No more bangs lovelies…do you like the change?

After getting my hair done I went and bought myself the September issue of Vogue and met up with some friends for coffee and some shopping in Westmount.

Girls night out!!!

Ready for some Saturday partying!

Dinner with the girls in Old Montreal at restaurant Holder.

Lovely Aline and me.

Saturday night outfit!

Marta taking care of the drinks for all the girls!!!

UN has the best bar staff ever and how hot is Pascale in his glasses and the super sexy mohawk he is sporting?

Dinner at restaurant Holder in Old Montreal. I had the beef tartar and if was fabulous!

On the way to UN to listen to some good beats by JoJo Flores!

Another pic of what I was wearing on Saturday night.

A few hours and a few drinks into the night we were still have the time of our lives!!

Like I mentioned earlier this was a very busy week and weekend but it was so much fun that I can’t wait to see what this week has in store for me.

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