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Good morning Lovelies!

Last night was a quiet night with some walking around the St Laurent street sale, eating some awesome Portuguese chicken and and just enjoying one of the last nights of summer. I got home early but I was really tired so I went straight to bed to get my beauty sleep. Now I’m up early and it’s time to hit the gym soon.

After the gym I want to head downtown and check out two of my favorite store that I havn’t visited in weeks and weeks now because I was on vacation and I’ve had not time since I got back. I want to go as early as possible to avoid the Saturday shopping rush.

Tonight I have a birthday dinner for one of my girlfriends so that’s going to be lots of fun especially since we are going out after as well. I have no idea what I’m going to wear but hopefully I’ll find something when shopping around this afternoon.

OK, lovelies it’s time for me to jump into my gym clothes and take one of my favorite classes at the gym with Kelly. I think I’ve mentioned her class before here on the blog. It’s hard, it works every muscle of your body and you feel great once it’s over. Basically you are getting the total package in 1 hour.

Talk to you all a little later!!!!

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