Lean Legs & I How I Workout During The Week


How to get leaner, tighter and fitter legs that’s something most of us girls want including myself so I want to share my knowledge and ways of getting hot legs. First of all if you are just start working out the fat on your legs will slowly disappear. It’s a little complicated to explain how fat and muscles work but I will give it a try.

If a person for example has 60% fat on their legs and 40% muscles and their measurement around their legs is 80 cm. Once you start training your body will transform the fat into muscles. So after a while the fat will start to disappear and more muscles will form on your legs (40% fat 60& muscles) and this will also decrease the size of your legs but you might gain some weight on the scale. The reason for this is very simple. Muscles weight more than fat but fat takes up more space. Most of us girls get terrified when they see that they have gained weight on the scale. This is also when most girls feel like tossing the towel and giving up and just get back to their original weight. However, most of the time you will gain a little weight in the beginning  (just on the scale) but please remember that although muscles weight more they also burn more energy (food) so once you gain more muscles the weight / fat will come off faster. The fat burning process speeds up and so does ones metabolism and you will achieve those fit and lean legs. Does this makes sense?

Here is an example of how my workout week looks:

Monday –  Spinning and Sculpting  (weights ) 2 hours

Tuesday –  Spinning 1 hour Weights 1 hour

Wednesday –  Sculpting 1 hour, Spinning 45 min , Abs and butt workout 1 hour

Thursday – Spinning and Sculpting 1 hours, Crossfit 1 hour

Friday – Some form of cardio 1 hour and weights 1 hours

Saturday –  Total tone of the body intense 1 hour no breaks

I’m sure a lot of you are thinking that I’m crazy for working out this much but let me tell you, you have to work hard to get the body that you want. It does not come easy. I was not born with a super toned body so I have had to work hard to get where I am today.I also really love working out and it makes me feel great. Besides no one can be naturally skinny with a six pack on their stomach, a nice bum and legs. Maybe there is one person in a million that has the perfect body and does not have to workout, let’s face it. However, I don’t know anybody that has an awesome body that does not workout, just saying. Of course there is a lot of skinny girls but that is not the same as having a fit body and I’m not so sure I even think it’s that nice. However, respect to all you out there that can eat whatever you want and stay super skinny but that won’t give you muscles and you probably won’t feel so good either. Is it nice to have a little belly with super skinny arms and legs, no shine in the hair or the skin? No so much! What I’m trying to say is that you have to work hard to look and feel amazing.

This weeks workout tips – And a little assignment for all your readers. There are no shortcuts to a healthy body – it’s only you that can decide how you want your body to look, how much you want to train and how much time you want to spend on feeling good and reach your ultimate goal. I don’t want you to feel that you have to train as much as I do because you don’t have too. However here is an example of a workout week that you can try that will help you get in shape.

Monday – Eat healthy throughout the day and make sure you get all the nutrients your body needs. When eating a meal make sure you are full but no over eating. In the evening it’s always nice to get some cardio in such as jogging, spinning, walking or maybe some interval training.

Tuesday – Same goes for Tuesday, eat well and healthy. Try to go for a walk in the evening.

Wednesday - Today is a real workout day. Maximum intensity and interval training for 30 min. So you can start by running for 10 minutes and then you run as fast as you can for 30 seks, then jog for 30 seks, then super fast for 30 and keep doing this. Remember interval training is suppose to be hard and you are going to feel tired and out of breath at the end of it This is a day where you can have some healthy carbohydrates which will give you the energy you need for this type of workout.

Thursday - Power and strength for 60 minutes. Work on all your larger muscle groups such as arms, stomach, legs, back etc You can do things such as situp, pushups, crunches and use some weights when doing squats. This is a day where you will need to eat more proteins since you are working on your muscles.

Friday – Take it easy today but don’t forget to eat healthy and take a power walk before you sit down in front of the TV in the evening.

Saturday – Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! Your choice wether it’s running or spining maybe rowing whatever you feel like but give it your all. You can also allow yourself to have something less healthy maybe a glass of wine or maybe something sweet. It’s ok to have something like that once a week and it tastes SOOOO much better when one has to wait for it.

Sunday - Rest day!!!

I hope this will help all you lovely ladies that have sent emails and questions about me working out and what I do but if you have any other ones please feel free to ask I would love to answer all of you!

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