The Price Of Excellence Is Discipline


Hey Lovelies!

How are you today? I’m having a pretty descent day in-fact. I started my day at the gym with a intense hour of sculpting and then I squeezed out 80 minutes spinning by-my-self. When I got of the bike I was literally soaked but once I had my shower I felt awesome. I got offered a chocolate brownie today and I told the person thank you but no thank you. They looked at me like I was crazy because I didn’t want to eat it. They asked why? I told them that I have changed my eating habits and only eat sweets at rare occasions. It’s a personal choice and I feel great about it. I also don’t want to spend hours working out at the gym to then stuff my face with un-healthy foods because that to me is a big waste of time. Don’t get me wrong once in a while I will have a cheat meal where I eat something I really feel like such as pasta or something sweet or maybe a sandwich. But this is not an every-day or every-week thing. I guess everyone makes their own choices of how they want to live life and right now this is my choice. And that is why I say that “the price of excellence is discipline”. If you are disciplined enough you can achieve excellence in anything you do!

Totally off-topic, but why do people wear a ton of make-up to the gym? I don’t get it! I mean I understand if one does not want to look like a complete disaster when working-out. With that I mean that you brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on descent gym clothes and maybe a tad of powder or bronzer so that you don’t look like you literally rolled out of bed. However, when I was on the bike today this lady walked in and sat down on the bike next to me with a full on make-up on. Like from mascara to lipstick! Not only that but she smelled like she had a bath in her perfume bottle before she came to the gym. I tried to ignore the smell but at one point it was so strong and nauseating that I just had to move bikes. It’s not like I can stop breathing while I biking like a maniac to murder as many calories as I can.  I mean everyone wears more or less make-up but I don’t understand how you can sweat in mascara without then looking like a panda? Do you catch my drift? Also isn’t the gym like one of the only places where it’s actually sexy look like you are not wearing make-up and one of the only places that sweaty is sexy? I’m just saying…

I thought the weather was going to be pretty blah today but mother nature turned it around and the sun is shining out there and it’s pretty hot. I’ve been sitting answering emails and doing research for the past couple of hours so I think I’m going to go out for a bit a little later to clear my head and enjoy the nice weather since you never know how long it will last before you see the leaves turning colors.

I hope you all have a lovely evening and check back for more fun updates and interesting posts.

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