Rain, Coffee & Gym


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Morning Lovelies!

Let me start by saying all hail coffee! When it’s muggy and rainy outside I feel like it’s a million times harder for me to wake-up and start my day so thank god for my Nespresso machine and all hail coffee. Just saying…

However, now that I’m up I’m ready to go. Like any other day of the week I’m going to the gym as soon as I finish this post. This am I’m taking a sculpt class and then I’m going to do an hour of spinning on my own. I find that taking a spinning class is easier than when you are spinning on your own. In a spin class there is a teacher that is there to motivate you, push you and you have more pressure to perform when you are surrounded by other people. That’s what I think anyways…. Spinning on my own is most def more of a challenge for me but like most of you know that has never stopped me before. Since we are on the subject of gym and exercising I have some news for you. Since I started working-out 5 to 6 days a week in January I’ve lost almost 20 kg which I’m very happy about. Woop! Woop! It keeps me motivated to continue my training and to keep up my new eating habits. My goal is another 10 kg for now and then I’ll go from there. But this where to hard part starts. The closer you get to your goal weight the harder it gets to loose the weight but there is nothing stopping.

After the gym I have tons of work to do on the computer but at the same time I have quite a few errands to run as well. I’m not sure which order I will do everything in.I guess I’ll see how the day goes and go from there. That’s always a good option!

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