I Have Loved Stars Too Fondly To Be Fearful Of The Night


Hey Lovelies!

What a weekend and what a freaking start to the week! I would say that my weekend was actually pretty fun but let’s just say that I had to pay for all the fun with a pretty nasty hangover yesterday but I guess it was all worth in the end.

I woke up this morning, pumped and full of energy to go to the gym. I get there and take my first class to work my butt and abs and it goes really well. Right after I usually take the TRX class which is really hard and works every single muscle of your body but I LOVE it. I’m talking to one of the ladies that usually takes the class with me and she is telling me how much my body has changed since I joined the gym. She absolutely boosted my ego but then it all went downhills from there. I was going to be nice and help her take down her TRX when I got hit in the face with the big metal clasp right above my lip. Blood is gushing and  I’m freaking out! I head over to the reception to get myself cleaned up and straight home. So, so much for my TRX class. However, I’ve calmed down now and am just praying for this incident to not leave a scar on my face. Anywhere else on my body I would not be so upset about but the face is like the worst place to have a scar. I’m a little sad but I guess I’ll think positive thoughts and hope that the rest of my day will be better than this am.

Since my faced is a little messed up today I think I will spend my day at home doing some work and research. I might leave the house once it gets dark and no-one can see my “Hitler mustache” aka band-aid that I have stuck right under my nose. Lol! On the wat back home once I bought all my supplies from the pharmacy I stopped by Lulu Lemon for some retail therapy and it did make me feel a little better so at least this whole day has not been a waste. :)

In conclusion I would like to say – Dear Monday, I want to break-up! I’m seeing Tuesday and dreaming about Friday. Sincerely ViktoriaLove PS It’s you! Not me….

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