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Hey Lovelies!

As most of you know that last week during the Shopping Rallye I was hosting an event at the fabulous and fashionable CALL IT SPRING in the Eaton Center. For those of you who joined us for an evening of shopping, refreshments and some fashionable fun know what an amazing event CALL IT SPRING put together. However for those of you who did not attend the event  I would like to say that you missed out BIG time! But luckily you are able to browse the pics from this event if you just scroll down a bit.

CALL IT SPRING is a fashionable and fun brand that provides you with the latest trends in fashion when it comes to shoes and accessories for both men and women. During the Shopping Rallye customers were welcomed in to the store where music was playing, cold refreshing drinks were served and you could shop while receiving great advice from the staff and myself at CALL IT SPRING.

The store was filled with shoes from the brightest neon’s to sexy red and leopard heels that no girl can resist to buy. Since this was a special event, CALL IT SPRING made sure that all their clients could shop the latest and greatest in fashion trends at amazing prices.

Live updates from CALL IT SPRING at the Eaton Center

CALL IT SPRING offers their clients a great atmosphere to shop in and amazing sales assistants.

Customers that joined us for the event were welcomed to check-in on facebook at the CALL IT SPRING event and have their picture taken which was posted like on CALL IT SPRING’s facebook page. If you have not liked the CALL IT SPRING facebook page you can do so HERE and that way you will know when the next fabulous event will take place. So go on like the page lovelies!


Latest trends in shoes all at CALL IT SPRING

A friend and fellow blogger Natalie, from Vegan Silhouette came to join me at the event for some shopping. Do you like our wedges? Bright pinks from CALL IT SPRING. I love the pink wedges I was wearing that evening. The color is great and they were SO comfortable. The wedged sandals Natalie bought at the event were also totally gorgeous and we all know that bold brights are totally in this summer and you can find them all at CALL IT SPRING.

Bright, bold wedges! Love it!

I loved how the shoes absolutely matched my pink dress I wore that evening! As well as don’t you just love my gold cuff bracelet and my colorful necklace? I know I did and these fun accessories were also from CALL IT SPRING.

If bright bolds are not your thing there was tons of other great styles and colors to choose from at the store.

CALL IT SPRING has something for everyone…

Take your pic! There was so many gorgeous shoes and styles to choose from that it was almost impossible to just buy one pair of shoes especially with the great prices offered at the event.

Just saying…

I know I already mentioned this before but the event was buzzing with people that were enjoying shopping all the fabulous styles at CALL IT SPRING.

These lovely ladies came in for some shopping and a cold refreshement and let me tell you they did not walk out empty handed!

From bright bolds to sparkly neutrals!

Check out these hot neon belts that I found at CALL IT SPRING!

Yes, I bought them in all the colors!!!

CALL IT SPRING does not only offer great styles in shoes and accessories for the ladies but for all you gentlemen there is tons of hot kicks for you to choose from. My friend Paul came in for the event and let’s just say he found some great shoes and accessories. I think the hat and the scarf totally made his outfit fashionably fun!

Here are some more great styles for the gents from CALL IT SPRING.

I absolutely fell in LOVE with these heels from CALL IT SPRING. I love the fact that most of the shoe is black with a hint of sexy red and a hint of fierce leopard. It’s the perfect combination of these colors. I just have to go a get these heels for the fall season coming up.

In conclusion I would like  to say a BIG thank you to CALL IT SPRING for inviting me to be part of this amazing event. I had a great time meeting with all the customers and spending time with the very friendly staff at CALL IT SPRING. This event was truly a hit and the shoes at CALL IT SPRING are trendy, fun, fashionable as well as the prices are great.

Can it get any better Lovelies?!?!

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