From Sunshine To Raindrops…


(Chilling together outside on a hot summer night…)

Good Morning Lovelies!

How are you this rainy am? I’m excited to be going back to my gym at VicPark. I have not been here for quite some time so it should be fun to get back into my regular routine of working out again. However I will miss the view of my gym in Spain which was spectacular. Palm-trees, the beach and the sea I don’t think you can beat that and I had the best working out partner ever. My mom! So, I know it will feel a little strange having to go to working out without her but I guess I’ll just have to suck it. But I miss her already!

This morning I’m going to do a sculpt class and then an hour of working on my abs, legs and butt which leads to a two hour session. However, this summer I have been doing some really intense work-out sessions so I hope that this one will be as though otherwise I know I won’t feel satisfied. At VicPark they don’t offer BodyPump but I need to tell them that they really should consider it because it’s an amazing class. You work every single part and muscle of your body. It’s not easy but you feel amazing after.

Right now I’m having my coffee while writing this post but I really should start getting “ready” for the gym. By ready I mean put on my gym clothes, try to look awake and start heading over to VicPark. I wanted to walk there today but I have no desire to walk in the rain.

So Lovelies, I wish you a great Wednesday and an amazing morning for now but check back later for some fun posts. I just need to get settled back into the city life but I want to do a post on all my European shopping including my gorgeous new camera bag and some other awesome stuff!

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