Down Town Marbella, Up Town Puerto Banus


Hello Lovelies!

How are you? I’m a little tired but not so bad. I’ve been out running around all day from place to place in this little luxury town called Marbella. My day started of with a visit at the beauty salon followed by a breakfast on the Paseo Maritimo (Marbella’s beach promenade) by the sea in Marbella. Then I visited the famoust Saturday market in Puerto Banus by the bullring. Where every Saturday from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm you can by all kinds of stuff and the streets are filled with kaos and people trying to get the best bargain on already cheap stuff. You walk around these little market tents and even if you don’t need anything you will find something to buy which will most likely end up in some corner of your house but at that every moment in that very specific Spanish atmosphere you feel you just must have! You feeling me?

After I manage to spend money on things I don’t need it was time to get my nails done at the best nails place in Marbella which I found by coincidence. My friend had her nails done at La Canada mall but I didn’t like the result or the service at that place. The lady that was doing the nails looked like she had no clue what she was doing. Anyways, once my nails where nice and neon pink I headed to a late lunch with mom at TerraSana in Puerto Banus, just down the street from the salon. Well sort off… Once my mom saw my gorgeous nails she wanted hers done too so I had to call the salon and make her an appointment. Yes, this means we ate our lunch and headed back to the nail salon. It’s all good since I got to spend some real quality time with my lovely mom.

I’m sure by now you are a little tired of hearing me rant about my day so below is a picture bomb of what I’ve been up to all day. I hope you will all enjoy it and talk to you in a bit lovelies!

Beach in Marbella

Me at Paseo Maritimo in Marbella this am

I love that Marbella has the sea and the mountains so close to each other.


I am in love with these Spanish trees, so pretty!

Me and my at Saturday market in Puerto Banus.

The Bull ring in Puerto Banus.

African art you can buy at the market, all hand made. Just ask Boomba! : )

If the heat gets to you then you can always stop at PePe’s ice-cream truck for something to cool you off.

Colors, textures and creativity can all be found at the market.

My new, fresh and perfectly done neon pink nails!

Healthy lunch at TerraSana in Puerto Banus!

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