Beauty Errands & Pink Nails


Morning Lovelies!

How are you? I’m OK! I was going to go to the gym this am like always but I woke up this morning with a headache and I allowed myself to actually sleep in and relax for the first time on a Saturday in the morning. Right now I’m sitting, having my morning coffee and writing this post. I have quite a few things to do today so it’s not a super chill Saturday but it’s going to be a fun one. First I’m going to the beauty spa to get some treatments done and the I’m going to a nail salon in Puerto Banus to get my nails done because it’s really time. Nails and hair grow so much faster in the summer especially if you spend a lot of time in sun. Insane!

I’m thinking of doing a some kind of pink color on my nails so here are a few inspiration pics I found online. I like to get inspired before I do my hair, nails or other things.

I love the pink color here with the one pastel aqua blue on just that one nail to make it more interesting.

This is awesome! I love having different nails and this is most def something I would love to try but not here in Spain. I need my nail girls in Montreal to do this for me I trust that they will do an awesome job! Can’t wait to try this.

Pink and sparkles is totally my thing especially in the summer when one is tanned. So I have a few options to choose from but like always I will decide once I get to the salon and see all the colors and talk to the nail technician to see what she thinks.

Another cool thing I’m going to check out today is something called “Barato” which means cheap in Spanish but the actual meaning is market. Yup, it’s the local Saturday market that is located near the Bullring in the port. There you can find anything from food to shoes to house things and antiques. I have not been to one of these markets in years so I’m really excited to walk around and see what hidden gems I can find.

OK, I’ve got to run and get ready now but I’ll be back a little later!

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