Sunny Days In Marbella



Hola Lovelies!

Que tal? How are you? Sorry for being a little MIA but I have actually been enjoying my vacation a little bit and at the end of the day I have been exhausted. I’ve been wanting to blog but just not have the energy to type. So sowwy! But the good news is I’m back and full of energy.

So, yesterday I went to so some shopping with my mom in the port (Puerto Banus) which was really nice. We didn’t have anything special we had to buy but if you know me and my mom know will also know that we will always find something to buy. No quite sure that’s a good thing.

Today, I tanned a little bit but there is only so much tanning I can do before I get really bored and tired of lying on my sun-bed and frying like a little fish on a hot skillet. You know what I mean? After tanning a little I went to La Canada with my mom to have a look around and I got quite a few nice things. Then I was going to do my nails but when I saw how the lady was doing this girls nails I decided that she won’t be doing mine. I’m extremely picky with my nails and they have to be perfect or they will drive me crazy.

I got home a few minutes ago and I have just enough time to have a little coffee and write a post or two before it’s time to go for dinner at a friends house down the street. She is an awesome cook so I can’t wait to see what she’s made. As much as I love my salads and super healthy food I must admit that once in a while it’s nice to eat a warm hearty meal, but only once every couple of months. I know I can eat whatever I want this evening because tomorrow am I have 2 hours intense training at the gym and then the rest of the day I’m going surfing so I know I’ll burn it off.

I have to share one more pic with all of you. The other evening I was home with my mom and I got a little restless so I decided show my mom all kinds of yoga moves. Lol! Here is a pic of one of them that my mom took of me when I wasn’t looking.

So yeah this is me and my Espanola yoga pose!

OK, time for me to finish my coffee, get ready and change into my new summer outfit and then head to dinner. I wish you all a lovely evening and stop by tomorrow for more updates!

As they say here in Spain – Hasta Manana!

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