An Evening In Andalucia


Hey there Lovelies!

How’s it going? I woke up pretty late today but that’s ok it’s Sunday and I’m in Spain where Sundays are the “lazy” day of the week where you are entitled to be a bum.

Last evening I was invited for a BBQ at a friends house and it was really nice. Good food, great company and in general a very relaxed evening. Although it was relaxed and not a crazy party I didn’t get into bed before 3.00 am so I decided to sleep in this morning since I have been waking up at 8.00 am every day on this vacation to go train or to go surfing. In other words I deserved a sleep in morning.

Here are some pics I took yesterday evening, hope you enjoy them!

Pleased to meet Lola the teacup chihuahua with a huge personality although she is so small.

So pretty flowers in the garden!

My dog Milou posing for my pic in the sun-rays.

This is a tree trunk that has faces and people carved into it. I think it’s so pretty and I wish there was more trees like this. So much more interesting than a regular tree trunk no?

Here is the BBQ that makes the best food EVER! I love eating anything and everything that is BBQ on this bad boy!

Pretty cactuses in the garden during a Spanish sunset, what a bliss!

A peaceful Buddah chilling in the garden with us…

A close-up shot of La Dona Lola! So cute with her tongue out…

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