Hello Lovelies!

Obsessed! Addicted! Or whatever you want to call it but that’s what I am when it comes to training and sports right now. It’s gotten so crazy that if I don’t go for one day or I don’t workout for at least 2 hours I feel guilty. WTF! Is that normal? I’m not sure…but what I’m sure about is that it makes me feel great and I absolutely love working out and surfing. I’m so happy during and after it that it’s worth every drop of sweat and challenge.

This am I went to the gym and I did Body Pump with heavier weights and then spinning with more resistance than usual. I looked like a wet dog at the end (not very attractive) but the feeling one gets after working out is just worth so much more than anything else.

I just had some brunch and now I’m going to work on my tan and lounge around the pool for the rest of the day till it’s time for BBQ at a friends house later this evening. Fun! It’s looking to be a pretty good and chill Saturday filled with family and friends.

My brother and I are also debating if we are going to go jet skiing for a but in an hour or so since there are no big waves and we can’t go surfing but we still need our adrenaline fix. Lol! My poor mom always has to be worried about us and our  ”dangerous” sports as she likes to call it. I think she secretly wishes that I played golf or something like that but that’s not for me. No adrenaline rush, then it’s no fun for me. I get bored to easily and that’s just the way I am.

OK, time to take the plunge and jump in the pool before I start roasting and if we go jetskiing be sure I’ll post some pics of it later!

Woop! Woop! And happy Saturday!

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