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Buenos Dias Amores!!!

How are you? I think it’s about time to do a LOOK OF THE DAY and this time around I will do two looks in one post. Bonus!!!

The occasion was a dinner at a beach restaurant with some friends and family. My mom decided to wear a pair of SS12 limited edition Prada sunglasses that have been featured in all the fashion magazines this season. I love those sunglasses they are SO different but still classy. Big thumbs up for these shades according to me. The dress she is wearing is from SS12 DSquared and I just absolutely love the color combo in this dress. The pink and the coral are such great summer colors especially when you’ve got a nice little tan. The shoes are a very neutral, metallic light gold color in suttle snakeskin from all the womens shoe go Mr Louboutin. Closed toe and open heel perfect for warm summer days.

Classy & Chic in Marbella, what else can I say!

Of course I had to try the Prada shades so here is a close-up picture of me wearing these beauties!

They are bright, bold and totally beautiful!!!

Below is a pic of the same Prada sunglasses from Pradas ready to wear runway show.

OK, so some of you might be wondering what I was wearing that evening. Maybe not as fab of an outfit as my mom but I think I pulled of a pretty nice and breezy summer look if i may say so myself. Let’s have a look shall we?

I’m wearing a dress from Manoush and orange shoes from Tory Burch and a pink bag from Prada. Pretty simple, pretty and it all matches. My shades are RayBan’s which you probably already knew I was going to wear since I’m addicted to the classic aviators.

Here is a different angle of my outfit incase you were not to fond of the above pics. Just saying lovelies…!

However, do you know what the best part is of the outfits me and my mom were wearing the other day?

Well, the best part is that we TOTALLY matched without planning our talking to one another about what we were going to wear that evening. I guess in this scenario I can say “Like Mother, Like Daughter” right? We pretty much have the same taste in fashion, style, makeup, jewelry etc with a few small differences.

So I hope that you enjoyed this post with out summer outfits!

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