IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS – July Edition 2012


This One Goes All To All The Boys Out There…!

Eleven Ravens Ping Pong Tables

Let me introduce you to Eleven Ravens ping pong tables, probably the only ping pong table you’ll never have a beer pong match on unless your back account is the size of Russia.

Eleven Raven is specialized in designing high-end ping pong tables with outstanding design, something that we really haven’t seen before. There’s four wooden models who all look unique.

The tables are currently not available for sale, but contact Eleven Raven here if you’re interested in snagging one up for your crib.

Christian Louboutin Freddy Man Flat In Black

News from the ladies shoe GOD, Christian Louboutin!

These shoes have been seen before when Louboutin starred in a short film titled “Dancer in a Daydream.”. Black on black, studs on studs, red soles on soles. Do I need to say more?

Get them Online.

Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 999 “Steel Blue” Sample

Once again, Ronnie Fieg has a new collaboration in the process. This time it’s wit New Balance and they are pimping out the sh*t out their 999 model.

It’s release is now, and here is the design/sample process of how the shoe was made. Interesting to look at and the sneaker it self sure looks dope!

Available at Kith.

Clomm Terra Firma Collection

Watch makers Clomm has presented a new collection called Terra Firma that is a super simple and “design’ish” set of watches that won’t rip your wallet into pieces if you know what I mean.

The name of the collection, Terra Firma, is a latin phrase which means ‘on solid ground’ and I think it’s a good name to describe the simplicity of the collection.

The materials are everything from cork to ceramics.

Visit Clomm to place your order if simplicity is yar thang!

Givenchy Fall 2012 High Top Hybrid Shoe

We all know that Givenchy dosn’t hold back when it comes to their designs and this shoe is such a good example of that.

Made of high-end leather and looks like no other shoes out there for men. I’m really speechless.. Who will rock these babies, Kanye? Probably!

If you do, you better match it well! They will be available at Givenchy retailers this fall so keep your eyes open.

Wave House By Gunes Peksen

Gunes Peksen is a young Turkish designer who’s creating some really dope  things.

This construction right here is called the Wave House and it has received some really amazing reviews which isn’t strange when you look at it! It’s beautiful and architecture at it’s finest.

His description of the house is “A summer house concept of a wave form abstraction covers an individual lifestyle.”.

Check out some other work from him here.

FACETASM Chainsaw Leather Bag

Looking for THE perfect leather bag for your chainsaw? I just thought most of you might really be looking for one so look no further – the FACETASM bag is here!

Featuring quality leather designed to fit your chainsaw like a glove this bag is a must for every serial murder and hitman with the chainsaw as a favorite tool of killing. Just saying… :)

Of course since its a Japanese design its available for a ridiculous price of$2,249 and can be ordered right here.

Klutz Design CanCans Leather Headphone Stand

With so many headphone manufacturers today, the traditional ‘can’ headphones has become a must don’t you think? What if we want to treat our headphones with respect and class?

Klutz Design solved that ‘problem’, or rather made us realize that we should treat our headphones better. This CanCans headphone stand is the best solution to treat your headphones right and they look awesome on it don’t you think?

Available here.

The Long Barn By Nicolas Tye Architects

Next time your high class friend brags about his house on the country side, ask him if it’s even close to what this one is, just saying…

London based Nicolas Tye Architects put a 1860′s barn into a time machine and transformed into a top notch four bed room country side house that look amazing!

It’s located in Maulden, a small village in the county of Bedfordshire, England, UK.

Have a look!

Nike Air Force 1 XXX – Digital Camo

Nike delivers yet another stunning piece for their 30th anniversary Air Force 1 year. This one is called digital camo, and it’s just what it sounds like, digital camo.

The top of the shoe is made out of leather and M3 material, which will make the shoe a bit reflective on some angles (just like the first XXX release they made).

The only place I know where to buy it right now is in-store at KithNYC.

Hublot x Ferrari Big Bang Watch

It’s time for Hublots smallest watch to make a collaboration with that car manufacturer that has a horse logo. Yup, Ferrari you guessed it!

The watch is a limited edition and the release that will take place in China (no where else) and is created because of the 2012 Ferrari Racing Days and the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli Asia Pacific. As you can see this watch is a f#&k’n beast, and I don’t really need to go into details, do I? It will ONLY be produced in 50x. That’s it, thats all!

Louis Vuitton Men’s SS13 Sneakpeak

I just found this image from LV’s runway when they showed of the men’s SS12 bag collection. This duffel caught my attention right away!


Lakewood House By Centerbrook Architects & Planners

All I have to say id I LOVE this house have a look it’s so DOPE!

Nike Air Force 1 – Washington DC

Nike just released a collection under the name ‘World Basketball Festive Pack’. The collection includes different color and material ways.

Wolfgrey meets yellow and leather meets textile. Amazing work for a release that is affordable.

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