Buenas Dias


First Stop! Rise & Shine!

Toilet, Eat breakfast, Wash face,

Clean teeth, Get dressed, Brush hair and Go to the gym!

Good am Lovelies!

Sipping coffee and the thought of not going to the gym crossed my mind but that dosn’t mean I’m not going because I am. Today I’m doing one cardio class and one sculpt class so it’s a good mix. Fun!

Once I get back home later for sure I’m going to tan, it’s a given when in Spain but I think I might got to the beach with my brother he said he wanted to rent one of those paddle boats with a slide. We’ll see though because I know he went out last night so I’m not quite sure what time he will wake up.

Here are some other pics from yesterday…

My brother and me have the same taste in hats or b-ball teams I guess.

Wouldn’t my brother make the perfect pool boy if he wanted to be one?

Just saying… :)

By the way I really want this for my morning breakfast!

Anyone knows where I can buy the spoon and the cups?

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