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Hello Lovelies!

I’m taking a break from tanning and swimming because it’s crazy hot out today and the worst part there is not even a breeze to cool you off a little once in a while. I know what you are thinking just jump in the pool that will be refreshing. Yes, it is for about 3 minutes since the temperature in the pool is 30 C and in the shade same thing. I don’t even dare to check how hot it is in the sun but I know the sun is freaking strong here in Spain.

There is not much else one can do here during the day in summer except for tanning, swimming, going to the beach or other water activities because it’s just to hot to do anything else. Besides all the stores are open really, really late here so you can go shopping once the sun goes down and it’s a little cooler outside. You don’t even feel like eating in this heat that’s why my dinners are always much later here than usual. However, since I’m going to the gym every day in the am I wake-up at 8.00 am but I still go to bed really late so I’m getting a little tired. As well as the sun just drains you when you are tanning all day long.

I’m not complaining lovelies…I’m just saying!

I’m not sure if I’m going to have energy to go anywhere later this evening. I want to but at the same time I’m feeling a little lazy right now and I want to go to bed a little earlier than usual…or at least try too. Maybe watch a movie in bed or something along those lines. Especially as tomorrow it’s back to the gym in the am and I know the training will be super hard. I know I sound a little boring always going on about gym, training, eating healthy, etc, blah, blah, blah…but this is my life right now. I need it and it makes me feel happy and good so I’m going to keep doing it. And once you start training in truly becomes addictive. It’s like a drug…but an awesome one!

OK, time to jump back into the pool before I melt in this heat!

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