A Day On Vacation


Hey Lovelies!

How are you? I’m doing pretty good in case you are wondering. Today I went to check out two different gyms cause I need to sign up for one here in Spain while I’m on vacation. However, once I got back home I decided that since I’m only starting the gym tomorrow I might as well do my own exercise today. I chose to going running around outside in my area in the blazing sun and 40 degrees in the shade. Woah! What a workout I was literally dripping in sweat when I got back home and was asked if I just went swimming, yikes! However, as brutal as the exercise was it felt awesome after so I don’t regret making myself suffer and murdering those calories.

To regenerate and hydrate I made a fresh watermelon juice…I made a lot but everyone here loved it so it went pretty fast. Watermelon juice is awesome in the summer heat. It fresh, has barely any calories and contains lots of water as well as it taste amazing. This is most def one of my favorite juices to make in the summer and all year round so I recommend it highly.

After catching my breath it was time to get my tan on and the best part about being in Marbella is that the weather is always great. There is no need to check the weather forecast here because it’s sun, sun, sun everyday.

I loves it!

I think I got a pretty good tan for just a few hours in the sun, what you think lovelies? And don’t worry I have stocked up on sunscreen of all kinds and I don’t tan face at all because I don’t want to look like a raisin when I get older that’s pretty un-attractive don’t you think?

After tanning it was time for a quick shopping tour just to get some more “exercise” and I got quite a few things but I got this super hot, studded, leather jacket which I’m in LOVE with and i it wasn’t this hot out I would be wearing it right now.

The photo does not do the jacket justice but it’s SO nice can’t wait for fall every time I look at it!

So lovelies, that was my day in a nutshell. I hope you all had / have a nice day and I’m off to drink some green tea and watch a movie in bed because tomorrow am I’m off to the gym so I’ve got to get my sleep to re-charge those batteries.

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