LOCKS OF LOVE -Blissful Buns when you’re too much in a rush for brush


Too much in a rush for a brush? Here’s the solution…

In a world where we can’t stop running late, the blissful bun is probably the quickest way from looking “ick” to Chic. This look comes in über-handy when you wake up late and you’re rushing out the door (or even if you have plenty of time). Or when the weather is extremely humid and your wants to nothing else but frizz. Or maybe you are spending your summer days at the beach but you want to look beach-chic well this is a great way to do so.

This look is also fab because it can be paired with a more relax look such as jeans and a tank top of it can be worn for a classy evening event when wearing a gorgeous chiffon tiered dress. Like I mentioned before it’s truly amazing for the summer when heat is all around you and all you want to do is have your hair out of your neck and shoulders.

When sporting a bun you can do so by leaving it plain and simple with no accessories or you can pair it with a headband, sparkly bobby-pin or anything else you may fancy.Sometimes I get lazy and I know I really should wash my hair but I just can’t be bothered, what do I do? Oh yes ladies I put my hair in a bun, spray some dry shampoo and I’m ready to go.

The great thing about buns is that there is so many different styles of them from the ballerina bun to the very messy bun and they are all awesome it’s just up to you to pick the one you feel fits your style and personality the best.

Here are some other styles or ways of creating a fun bun or top knot that does not look like the ballerina bun (seen on me in the pics above).

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