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(pic above taken on the boat while cruising around Stockholm’s Skärgård)

Hello Lovelies!

The last couple of days have been real crazy! Since I’m continuing my vacation in the south of Europe there was a million an thirty things that I had to do before I left Stockholm. Of course, I left all the most important things till last. I meant that’s a given… Each time around I tell myself that this time I will do all the “must do’s” first that way I don’t have to worry about them but it never works out like that in my life. Anyways, with that being said I have running around like a mad women once again from nail place to esthetician to doctors and lets not forget the all the shopping I had to do in Stockholm.

Check out my gorgeous nails I had done at Best of Nails in Stockholm I’m just totally in love with them!

Sandra the owner and winner of a ton of nails awards did these beauties for me. This is a gel nail polish but the technique is called faded nails or ombre nails. Basically you can pick two to three colors and get them faded from light to dark or the other way around. I LOVE the effect that this technique gives and I decided to call my nails “Tequila Sunrise# which is just absolutely perfect since I’m going to be spending the rest of my summer days in Spain or around that area of Europe. Maybe even a day trip to Morocco who know what the summer will bring my way.

Once all the errands were done and I squeezed in a last workout at Worldclass in Stockholm it was time to pack once again. Not my favorite thing at all but it has to be done if one wants to travel the world. Me and my family must be one of the most extreme “packers” in the world. Check out the photo of how much stuff we are bringing to out own house in Spain that already has out stuff there! Insane!!!

Do you think that is enough bags and suitcases? Oh yeah and lets not forget the doggy! I swear the dude at the check-in counter looked at us a if we were crazy when we pulled up with three trolleys to check-in. I was even a little embarrassed especially as the rest of the people in line had like one tiny suitcase each or some even shared one. WTF! Such is life though if you are part of my family we take pretty much everything to the extreme, there is no middle ground for us. Sometimes that’s good sometimes it’s not so good but I love my family no matter what!

Another extreme is the amount of magazines I bought at the airport to not get bored on a four hour flight when I have a ton of TV-shows to watch on my computer. I spent 500 SKR on magazines who does that? Oh yeah I do! But in my defence it’s all for the LOVE of fashion. I mean I’ve got to stay on top of my game.

OK! Then after finally stressing, rushing and being extremely restless on the plane I arrived in sunny Spain and I could not have been happier when the drivers (yes, two drivers had to come pick us up due to all the excess luggage) dropped us of at home. I finally felt that now summer can start!!!!

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