Be Silly. Be Honest. Be Kind


Hola Lovelitos!

(does that sound a little more Espanish?)

OK so I have to something to say. Eh yeah, like I never have something to say. No but seriously I have been thinking about something. I spend a lot of my life being silly and acting just the way I feel unless the situation really does not approve. I hear some many people say that they have to become themselves…Hello! You don’t have to become yourself you are born no-one else but YOURSELF! I’m just saying because I don’t really understand that statement.

The reason I like to be a little silly and a little ridiculous is because it’s fun and it makes me happy. Why do I have to take my entire life so freaking serious. I figure as long as I live responsibly and do well for myself I’m totally aloud to be silly and ridiculous if I feel like it. I have come to the conclusion pretty recently that I want to live my life as if I will die tomorrow but I will dream as if I would live forever. I think this is an great way to look at life. I want to do all the things I have not done because I thought to much about the consequences but now I regret not doing those things. Does that make sense?

You might be wondering why I all of a sudden feel this way? In fact I have felt this way for a while but after talking to my mom and bro on the plane I realized I was the only one in my family living this way and that I was missing out on SO much “life”!

No matter what life throws y way I know that I LOVE this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful but also beautiful life and I want to live every second of it. Even the days I tell people that that wasn’t me that just tripped flat out on my ass, I was just doing a gravity check and I got right back up with a smile on face!

I think most of us have figured out that life happens pretty fast so what are we waiting for? I like to say that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but it’s about dancing in the rain. So embrace life and remember life is a sequence of moments called NOW!

Have a LOVELY evening and it’s time for me to relax with mia familia!

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