YOU Stockholm feat ViktoriaLove


Hey Lovelies!

So whenever I go to Stockholm, Sweden I make sure to go visit the best hairdresser salon in Stockholm called YOU. Not only is the design of the salon of the wall but it’s the home for the most talented hairdressers ever!

For quite some time I’ve been debating weather I want to cut my bangs or let them grow out. I wasn’t sure what look better on me and how to go about my little hair dilemma so what better way to get this sorted than by visiting you. And that’s exactly what I did and my hair looks STUNNING right now! I love everything about from the highlights to the cut and the styling.

In just a few hours the hairdressers at YOU made me look like a Superstar!!!

Click HERE to read the whole review and all the hair secrets on YOU’s website and see who did my hair and the final results.

Enjoy and if you want gorgeous hair like me then you know which salon in Stockholm to visit, just saying…

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