La Piovra & Stockholms Skärgård


Hey Lovelies!!!

My Sunday was spent in Stockholms skärgård with mia familia on the boat. It was a really nice and sunny day so it was pretty much a no brainer to take La Piovra (the boat) out for the day. We woke up in the late morning, packed our stuff and off we went to KMK (the Royal boat club right down town Stockholm) to get on the boat.

Since Stockholm is built on like a million different islands or even called the Venice of the north there is tons of water everywhere so it’s honestly the perfect place to have a boat during sunny summer days. When you’re cruising Stockholms skärgård you can see all kinds of different boats. Anything from sailboats which are extremely popular to speed boat like ours.

Below you can see how I spent my day on the boat so enjoy and if you ever come to Stockholm make sure you take a tour in the skärgård, trust me it’s a must.

View of KMK where the boat is parked.

Swedish flag (duh!) and we are pulling out of KMK.

Me and my brother chilling…

Have coffee and tanning a bit.

How gorgeous is the house behind us? I’ll live there any day.

This area is called Djurgården and is absolutely stunning.

Oh Hoy Cantain!

Daddy has got some swag!!!

Lunch time in Saljsjöbaden and of course I was having salmon. That’s pretty much all I eat when I’m in Sweden I love it. There is no other salmon as good as the Swedish one.

Grand Hotel Salsjöbaden.

La Piovra in front of Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden.

I’m having my Titanic moment!!!


Sitting at the front of the boat while we are driving to our destination. I love the smell of the water in the wind so refreshing and reminds me of when I was small and we would spend our weekends on our old boat.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Me and my brother Marcel!

Time to tan a little bit a la hippie style…

You like me new limited edition RayBan’s?

They are all leather and I love them!

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