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Hello Lovelies!!!

Still in Stockholm and still lovin’ it of course. When I was leaving for my vacation I said that I would be posting more because I will have more time. What a BIG mistake that was!! I have been posting way less than I usually do and I want to apologize for the that Lovelies! I swear that once I get to Spain it will be easier because I will turn in to a beach bum with a laptop and iPhone. This basically means that I will be tanning while I’m post all kinds of super awesome articles for you to read.

Like I said, since I havn’t had time to post much I decided that the least I can do is to share some photos with all of you from my trip back home to Stockholm…so far!

Here is the view from one of my balconies. I think I already shared this photo with all of you but I think it’s a very peaceful and pretty photo so I wanted to share it again.

The weather has been OK. By OK, I mean it’s been sunny but not very warm so in other words it’s been the perfect weather for shopping. Here I am in from of Mood Stockholm shopping mall. It’s a fairly new mall so of course I had to go check out the stores and restos in there, that was a given.

After one has gone shopping one needs to re-fuel and eat a nice lunch right. Here I’m eating lunch at Tures in Sturegallerian on Östermalm. I know this probably doesn’t tell you much buy I’m pretty sure you can google it to get a better picture of the location.

My gorgeous mom having lunch with me at Tures!

One evening we took the boat out for dinner at Fjäderholmarna and this was the view from our table. So pretty, peaceful and just totally relaxing. I love Stockholms skärgård!

This is a typical Swedish 7-eleven or depanneur or corner store whatever you call it in other countries but this is a Swedish one. Pretty different from the other ones you see around the world huh?

The view while driving on the boat in Stockholms skärgård…

Having dinner at Fjäderholmarna…what’s up? My mom decided that a close-up of me, of guard would be a great idea.

Chilling at the front of the boat while cruising Stockholms skärgård!

This is a really fast boat so it was not the best idea to sit in the front while my brother was testing the max speed of the boat so I had to go back in…no I didn’t fall in but it got pretty close.

Chilling on La Piovra….

gif maker

I went from chilling to relaxing to actually falling asleep on the way home. However, in my defence I would like to say that sleeping on a boat is one of the best things in the world. I love the smells, the sounds and just everything else about it.

I have tons more pictures that I will share with you but I have to run and get ready because today is a busy Sunday. We are all heading out on the boat all day and then we have reserved a huge table at a resto to watch THE game tonight. So we have to get back in time to change and head over to Gamla Stan (Old Town) in Stockholm.

I wish you all a great day and check back later for more updates Lovelies! Enjoy the weather, enjoy the long weekend if you are in Canada and stay beautiful!

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