LOCKS OF LOVE – No Bangs vs Bangs


Hey Lovelies!

How are you this morning EU time or this “in the middle of the night” North America time?

OK, so today I’m going to my favorite hairdresser in Stockholm called YOU. I’m getting some highlights done because it’s summer and I feel like a bit of a change. However, I’m also getting a haircut and I have a HUGE dilemma. I’ve had bangs for quite some time now and I’ve loved every bit of having them. However, they sort of grew out and so friends have been telling me that it looks nice without bangs. No I’m at a crossroad where I don’t know if I should cut bangs again or if I should let them grow out and “rock it” bang-less for a while? So the question I’m asking all of you is NO BANGS vs BANGS?

I know this is probably one of the silliest dilemmas one can have but my hair is very important to me and if it’s dosn’t look good I feel that the rest of me does not look at it’s best either if you know what I mean. I feel that hair adds to a womens beauty so I want to make sure that the hairstyle I choose is the right one for me.

Ah life, I guess after I’m done getting my hair done I will update all of you on what my final decision was and if I totally LOVE it or not!

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