What’s Up Stockholm?


Hey Lovelies!

How are you? I’m doing OK. I got to Stockholm a few hours ago after being in NYC. I had been up for 36 hours straight with no sleep on the flight. Once I landed in Stockholm I went straight to the hospital because my brother is there right now. It really sucks and was very unexpected. We don’t know what’s wrong with him yet but hopefully once all the test results come back there will be a few answers. I woke up not to long ago and I got ready pretty fast since I’m going back to the hospital. My mom is already there but I want to be there too. These are times when a family needs eachother at the most. I might not be updating that often today or for the next few days I’m sure you will understand since my circumstances are not the best.

OK, I better get my things together and head out but I will do my best to be back a little later with a bit more news, hopefully good news. Have a great Monday lovelies and if you are in Quebec enjoy the extra day of especially since the weather looked pretty nice last time I looked at the weather forecast.

Part of the view from my backyard balcony in Stockholm, Sweden.

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