What’s Up NYC?


Hey Lovelies!!!

How’s it going? I’m great and sort of on vacation. I had to catch a 6.00 am flight to NYC and now it’s time to chill and relax a little in the Big Apple. Although I am dead tired from not sleeping since like last morning I’m going to find my inner strenght and to have an awesome day despite the circumstances.

Yesterday evening my girlfriends passed by my house and we went for a mini shopping spree on Green Avenue and then we got ice caps and sat outside and talked for forever. It was so nice especially since I won’t see them for several weeks and there is no doubt I will miss them and miss hanging out with them.

Another friend passed by as well and I just had to add a pic of me in a baseball cap to my collection of these type of photos. However, I really want to get a white on white LA baseball cap. I looked a round for one a little bit have not been able to find one yet but I know I will.

Like I mentioned before I’m leaving Montreal for quite some time so pretty much for the past several weeks I’ve been going out and making sure that I see all my friends. Just the other night I went with my friend Nat and some other friends to Barraca on Mount Royal and we had such a blast. Fat Frederic Bedard was there too! What a fat useless guy> He thinks he can date me. I’m too good for him :)

OK, lovelies I need to go get myself a coffee here in NYC before I pass out from sleep and caffeine deprivation but check back later for more updates.

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