Indecent Exposure Is Not A Crime In Hot Weather


Heeey Lovelies!

Who is freaking hot today? That is if your are on the east coast on in Montreal where the humidity is through the roof and it feels like 45 C degrees outside. WTF! What do you wear in this weather? I came up with the conclusion that all fines for indecent exposure should be waved till this heat wave passes because there is nothing you can wear that you won’t be hot in. Trust me I’ve tried a thousand options…I’m just saying. Does anyone agree with me that people should be able to walk around bare naked if they want too? Lol!

Today is an absolutely insane day for me. I went to the gym this morning as per usual but then I had to go do my nails, my eyebrows and some other beauty stuff. I went for a quick tan just to get a base for my trip which is coming up in the next 48 hours. I just got home not to long ago and I have to seriously pack. I keep procrastinating because I really don’t like packing what-so-ever but it has to be done I’m really running out of time.

Then I have to shower and try to do my hair so that I look decent when I go out this evening. Not sure if doing my hair is the absolute best idea but I’m so tired of wearing it up in a bun all the time. I like my hair when it’s down…sort of can’t remember how it looks anymore lol!

Last night I went for dinner with one of my best friends Natalie and we took so fun pics just like that. Actually not just like that. Her boyfriend is a really good photographer and he is basically attached to his camera 24-7 so he is always snapping pictures of everything and everyone which works out well for me because I love taking pics.

Anyways I better get back to getting ready and packing otherwise I will never get anything done but check back later for some more HOT (literally hot) updates.

Big Kisses!

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