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Hey Lovelies!

How are you on these extremely hot Montreal day? Talk about mother nature cranking up the heat huh? I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now but just didn’t have the chance yet. However, the other day someone told me OMG you are glowing with radiance, what’s your secret? I believe that once you are happy with yourself and they way you feel it totally shows on the outside of your body. It comes from the inside out. That being said radiance is not something that just happens by itself. I think everyone has to work at it to keep the glow at it strongest. However, stepping up your radiance factor is easier than you might think and I have some tips and tricks for you so that you can spend your summer glowing.

A nice white smile is a key factor to the overall glowing look. Having nice white teeth will enhance any girls smile. You only have one set of teeth for the rest of your life so you better take good care of them. One of my pet-peeves is a girl that is really pretty but once she smiles she has really bad teeth. I know there is a lot of negative factors that can damage our teeth such as coffee, sugar, red wine and the list goes on but there are a few tricks for this. When it comes to sugar just avoid it as much as possible it’s just not good for you anyways. When it comes to dark drinks such as coffee or red wine my trick is to drink it with a straw. I know might sound a little silly but I rather be silly than have yellow or brown teeth. I have gotten so used to drinking my coffee through a straw that if I don’t I feel weird. Also remember the more contrast there is between your teeth and your skin, the brighter and younger you look. I have my teeth whitened at the dentist every couple over year but another thing that works really well is Crest 3D white 2 hour express whitestrips which can be bought at pretty much any pharmacy. So, girlie’s take care of your teeth.

Let your skin glow as it’s max. Who doesn’t want radiant looking skin? There are several ways to take care of your skin. Make sure to pick a skincare line that works best for you. I can personally recommend NeoStrata. After I started using their products my skin has improved in every way by 1000% but if there is another skincare line out there that works better for you then stick to that one. I also believe that gentle exfoliating is key when taking care of your skin. We have to get rid of all the dead skin that accumulates, remove it and let the fresh skin glow. I can’t stress enough how important it is to wear an SPF on a daily basis. Yes, even if it’s cloudy out. This should become a daily routine for anyone. Once you have all of this under control you can boost your glow even more by using a bronzer just one shade darker than your skin-tone, dust a little across your forehead, temples and under the cheekbones. Then you can dab a highlighter along your brow bones, on top of your cheekbones and just a tad on the bow of your upper lip. Voila, you’ll be glowing like no other.

Color me baby. Highlight your face-assets by using some color. As you might know I’m blond and have fair skin but I dye my eyebrows and eyelashes black because that really brings forth my eyes and  eye-color. It contours and makes my eyes stand out. You might be thinking OMG black eyebrows when your a blond but it honestly looks stunning on blonds. I feel it gives that very Parisian and sophisticated look. For an evening out I like yo use a black liquid eyeliner and create a cat-eye look but a very suttle one to bring forth my eye features even more.

Rosy cheeks. Be a little daring and swap that well-used blush for a new shade. Pink is my go to shade. Yeah, pink you heard me. I LOVE the blush from NARS called Orgasm and I can absolutely not live without it but there are many other great blushes out there. Do you usually hit the apples of your cheeks? Try blending the blush just under your cheekbones to sculpt them instead. Or on your lower cheeks, to mimic a windburned beauty.

Flash your lashes. Sometimes when I go out for a big event I like to sport false lashes but this is not an everyday thing I recommend. One of the things I do like I mentioned above is dye my lashes black that way when I go to the gym and I’m not wearing any make-up my eyes still look really good. Another trick I have up my sleeve is I use a product called NueLash. You apply it like a eyeliner and it makes your lashes grow for miles on end, I’m not exaggerating at all. This is something every girl should try. You can buy this product online and the compliments you’ll get…practice saying “thank you” with a sweet side glance.

Be prepared. I’m not just saying this because I’m vein. I’m saying this because having a few staples stashed in your bag means you will be able to sail through your day with a modicum of serenity, or at least in a very good mood because you will be ready for anything. Some of my must haves are absorbent coffee-shop napkins for oil blotting, hand cream for sexy soft hands, four or five lip-glosses or lip-balms, hair elastics, bobby pins, a mini perfume – I’m going to stop now while this is still sort of “a few” but you get the point.

Take this to heart ladies. “It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.” I truly believe in this quote and I live by it. I have had up and downs in my life but the older I get the more I get to know myself and what makes me happy. I have also realized who I really am and I’m know my self-worth. Of course being your best radiant self is about far more than beauty stuff — makeup and skincare is icing. Radiance comes from knowing your strengths and living your life focused on them instead of insecurities. No surprise here: confidence is the source of your true radiance. By combining all these elements I have been able to create a almost constant glow around myself and send of radiance. But guess what anyone can do this, even you so get movin’.

Think about it & shine on, Radiant You!

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