Go Hard or Go Home – Wicked Weekend and Gym Progress


Heeeey Lovelies!

How are you? I’m pretty good but I guess you can say I’m a little stressed since I’m leaving for Europe in a couple of days and I still have a bunch of things to take care of and tons of people to see before I leave. Since I will be in Europe for several weeks I really have to make sure that I don’t forget to take care of everything before I take off on my jet plane. Ah, life!

OMG, I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday and I feel like it was Friday yesterday. Where do the days, hours, minutes go? I feel like when I open my eyes at 7.00 am (every day) and then just in a few blinks it’s already 7.00 pm and I’m freaking out because I seriously need more hours in a day. Between work, gym, friends and other day to day stuff the days feel like minutes in my life but I guess that is way better than if the days felt like years. You always want what you don’t have I…

Anyways, let me tell you about my weekend in short….it was AMAZING!!!! I saw lots of friends, went out partying (lol for a change, not really) and then to end my amazing weekend I spent my Sunday up north tanning by the pool and eating BBQ food in great company.

Here is a pic from one of the nights out with the girls. I had sooo much fun that I forgot to take more pictures this weekend. I sort of regret it since I’m pretty much obsessed with taking photos and I feel like I should have been born as an asian just for that reason but I don’t regret having a fab weekend in company of fab friends.

So as most of you know I have been working out really hard at the gym for the past 6 months but extra hard for the last month to get my body prepped for bikini season since I will be cruising on my boat in Stockholm and then I’m heading to Marbella Spain to be a beach bum for the rest of the summer. I can say that I think the very hard work has paid off pretty well. I have lost a total of 10kg – 22 pounds since I started training in January and my goal is to loose another 10kg – 22 pounds. I know my trainers keep telling me stop weighing myself because muscles weight more than the fat in my body and it’s not about how much you weight but how you feel and if you are happy with the way you look. I know, trust me!

However, the reason I weight myself is because when I see the number on the scale decreasing it motivates me to work even harder and it gets my adrenaline pumping when I think about the kg dropping off my body while working out. I guess everyone has their own way of keeping themselves motivated and this is mine. Do you want to see the progress so far?

I have been taking pics of myself since the day I started training. It was my trainers idea to do that. She said that it will be fun and it will show me how much my body will change without me even realizing it right away. I took a look at the first pic I took on the first day I started training and I took some pics the other day and OMG there is actually a BIG difference. Do you know how hard I trained at the gym this am after I had compared the pics? It was totally GO HARD or GO HOME! Yes, I’m in pain now but it was a freaking awesome workout and I can’t wait to go back to the gym tomorrow!

OK so here is a the result of me training hard for the past 5 months or so. I hope that this will motivate all you who are going to the gym or are thinking of starting. Nothing is impossible you just have to work hard to get it. Pretty much nothing in life comes easy as they say…unless if you maybe win the lottery lol! Either way I feel like if you work hard for something and you get it or achieve your goal than the pay off is SO much better. Just a personal opinion.

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