Positively Pointy Nail Trend


I know you ladies have seen these wacky pointy nails and I’m dying to know what you think. What’s the deal with this new nail trend? Do you find them more OMG-worthy? Let’s dish…

The newest trend sported by the hottest Hollywood Divas is the stiletto/pointy shaped nails trend which is characterized by a lovely pointy shape that elongate fingers. Although the shape of your nails might seem like an unimportant thing, it is not, as nail shape can transform the aspect of your hands instantly and completely.

Nails play a very important role when it comes to the beauty of your hands and the need to enhance their beauty has led to the development of the new nail art designs and new nail shapes. If you’re tired of square shaped nails and want to give your nails a more glamorous, seductive and edgy look, turn your attention towards the stiletto shaped nails. This hot new nail trend looks fabulous and can be perfect for natural nails, but will work great on gel/acrylic nails as well.

The extra long nails filed in a sharp style are not for everyone due to their edginess, but you can adapt the length of the nails to suit your personal style as well as needs. Stiletto shaped nails require a higher maintenance than other nail shapes, as the sharp tip of the nails chip easily when subjected to high pressure, so make sure you adapt the shape and length of your nails to your lifestyle if you decide to hop on the bandwagon for this trend.

If you have a lot of activities which require you to work with your hands a lot, go for smaller size stiletto shaped nails, but if you don’t, you can go bolder and opt for the extra stylish long stiletto shape which is a definite hot point of attraction. The longer the nails, the more necessary it becomes to apply a gel top coating as extra long stiletto nails cannot hold the shape without enforcing the strength of the nails with gel. Gel nails look hot and are increasing in popularity due to the long lasting effects offered. The nails and the nail art designs created on gel nails last up to 4 weeks, but a professional application is required.

Here are some pics of these “hot” nails and YES, I would totally try out this look. It’s Love’s it for me! What is it for you?

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