IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS -June 2012 Edition


Enlightment Book

Light up your world is what this company is saying, or you can just light up your book shelf in a cool and unique way. This book shelf lamp, is called the ‘Enlightenment Book Lamp’. It comes in the silhouette of a book, and lights up in all angels thanks to it’s transparency. It’s available here.

Kidult vs Marc Jacobs NYC

Kidult is known as the guy with a skeleton mask and a fire extinguisher that always finds a cause or a way to tag whole stores and displays. He haS done it on various locations, Louis Vuitton, Colette, Goyard, Supreme to just name a few. The last action he made was at the Marc Jacobs store in New York, SoHo.

After the store got tagged, Marc Jacobs decided to release a t-shirt with a picture of the store saying “Art By Art Jacobs” and it’s price tag was $689. Everyone thought this was an intended collaborations between the two artists, but it was just a good try to get Kidult pissed off. Kidult then released his own version of the t-shirt saying “Not Art By Kidult” that came in a limited edition of 50 pieces per color. The t-shirts are now sold out, and the beef is over till Kidult decides to make his next move on another location I guess. Would you want one of these tees? Check ebay if so…

BAIT x Asics “Rings” Gel-lyte III & GT-II

It’s not only master Ronnie Fieg that pulls of some kick ass Asics editions it seems. BAIT is a store that has its roots in the Orange County, although the store hasn’t opened yet.

My favorites are the first pair, blue/red. Stay tuned for a release date.

40 Years Of BMW M Series

There are only few brands of cars that have really changed their sportier division of cars such as the BMW M-series. BMW Motorport has always pushed out really good cars. Can anyone mention an ugly model of an M3 or M5? I don’t think so!

It all started in 1972 and here are some favorites…

Christian Louboutin Suede Rollerboy Spikes

Christian Louboutin strikes again!

Oustanding look, fully studded as always, crafted with the most genuine materials and of course with a red sole the Christian Louboutin “Suede” Rollerboy Spikes is available right here.

A Fresh One Bedroom Apartment In Down Town Stockholm

A very nice and swag-full one bedroom apartment in the heart of Stockholm. It was recently up for sale but has now been sold. Either way I loved the pics so I had to share them with all of you since you by now know my love for real estate.

Andy Warhols Sexlife

Looking for the perfect gift for your friend with a way to big pile of coffee table books? With the catchy name Andy Warhols Sexlife this autobiography written by acclaimed journalist John Wilcock digs deep into Warhols life and the people around him at the Factory. It’s actually a reprint, correcting many faults of the previous edition published more than 40 years ago and it features more than 120 photos and plenty of never seen illustrations and paintings by Warhol.

Read more about the book and shop it here.

Up-Side Down House In Australia

How many times have you been sitting down, not thinking about anything else, and asking yourself how the room will look upside down?

That’s right. Someone made our dream come true, and their names are Irek Glowacki & Marek Rozanski. In Australia you will find a house completely built upside down.

And it’s nothing else but DOPE!

Maxim Top 100 Hotest Women Of 2012

Since this is a “IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM BOYS” post I had to include this for all you boy because I’m pretty sure you will enjoy it.

Maxim, the United States industry leader of what we call Mens Magazines have announced their list of the hotest women 2012. On the list we can be proud of being Swedish with Malin Åkerman on the 9th place. You will find a bunch of Victoria Secret models, aswell as Louis Griffin on the 85th place.

It’s definitely something to browse through, and you can do it right here.

Frigo Superman Underwear

No this is not eye-candy for this is a very awesome product for all your boys who like to be athletic!

Swedish Frigo actually makes your everyday jogging in the park just a little more effective. The design is made to fit like a glove on your body, there’s even a small pocket for your jewelry! Each pair is hand sown to guarantee Superman worthy quality, the underwear actually comes in the same sizing system as jeans!  Do you remember the swimsuit Michael Phelps used to win 8 medals in Beijing? Great, because it’s the same little design team behind this underwear!

Pick them up right here.

The Shoes, Books & Bike Stand

For everyone who has a kick ass bike, how do you store it?

With this multifunctional bike stand you’ll be able to show of your little gem in a good looking way. To look even sharper, add some books about street art, and your favorite Vans right underneath it.

Convinced? It’s available here.

Mountain Top Mansion

Ever wanted to live out in the middle of nowhere in a huge mansion like Pablo Escobar?

Well great news, this mansion has plenty to offer and with a living space of 929 sq meter and outside area of stunning 10000 sq ft. theres room for even the biggest family gathering. With 7 fireplaces heating up the 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms there’s no way you would ever freeze, but if you would there’s of course a heated swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Only downside would be the price, at 17,900,000 dollars it’s all yours over at Jameslist.

Christian Louboutin Freddy Man Flat In Black

Christian Louboutin again! He’s is my god!

These shoes have been seen before when Louboutin starred in a short film titled “Dancer in a Daydream.”. Blacks on blacks, studs on studs, red soles on soles. Do I need to say more?

Get them Online.

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