Beautiful Girls & Late Summer Nights


Hey Lovelies!

How are you on a rainy Monday? How was your weekend? Mine was really, really fun but also very exhausting. I seem to say this after every single weekend but it’s so true. Ah, I love summer!

Friday night it was my friends birthday so all the girls got together to get ready in total girl style. Music, drinks, clothes and tons of makeup. After we all look beautiful we went to karaoke which was a total blast and we could have stayed there for a few more hours but we had a reservation at a club downtown so off we went. The night at the club was SUPER fun! We danced, drank, laughed, sang a little more and had the most amazing girls-night-out! Have a look at all the pics below…

Katja & Me

Me & Sophie

The girls (Marie, Noza, Katja and Carro)

Marie is blowing out her b–day bottle…or trying to anyways :)

Sophie, Katja and Me

Just moi….

I was going to blow dry my hair but then the weather forecast said it was going to rain so I decided to do a chic bun and show off my new eye brows. For those of you who don’t know I decided, very sporadically on Friday afternoon to dye my eyebrows black to change up my look a little bit and I LOVE my eyebrows now.

Even though I did a lot of partying this weekend I still managed to get to the gym both Saturday and Sunday for a two hour workout. I’m not saying I wanted to go or that it was easy but like one of my friends told me you can’t loose your momentum so I had no choice but going and I’m very happy I did.

Friday, during the day I went to exercise on Mont Royal which was absolutely amazing, tons of fun and I’m sure our butts and legs got a pretty hard exercise since we did the stair twice! Yikes!

Oh yeah, Sunday the party continued and I went to Piknic Elektronic with a few of my friends. It was a little chilly but the music was really good and we had fun like always.

While dancing away at Piknic I saw this lovely lady who bought a season pass earlier that day dancing with one of the Piknic staff members and it just MADE MY DAY! That was so cute! This lady totally had the best moves and the most beautiful smile, I was mesmerized and this was a perfect end to my weekend.

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