Plum Your Lips At Victoria Park Medi Spa – My Lip Enhancement Experience


So it does seem like  plumping your lips with injections is the new trend! Many celebrities are getting lip injections nowadays that it almost seems like it’s part of everyday life. A few years ago only silicone was used to plump or make your lips bigger but personally I would never try that for several reasons. One of the reasons being is that your body does not absorb this chemical and secondly because if it turns out that you don’t like the result it’s almost impossible to get rid off. However, nowadays products such as Restylane and Juvederm are becoming popular and your body absorbs it within 4-6 months so you can decide whether to get them done again or not.

There is little difference between the two big competitors, Juvederm and Restylane, as they are both comprised of a substance that is naturally found in the body called hyaluronic acid, which naturally diminishes as we age. Both fillers may be used to plump your lips to give them a naturally fuller look. This is the procedure I had performed at Vic Parks Medi Spa , and I chose to go with Restylane instead of Juvederm. I chose to go with Restylane only after I talked to the doctor (Dr Nikolis at Victoria Park Medi Spa) that performed the treatment on me, only because he personally recommended it for me and my lips.

Of course I was a little worried before the procedure but as soon as I met with Dr Nikolis I felt like I was in safe hands. He asked me a few question about my health to make sure that there was no allergies or other complications. Then he took the time to explain the difference to me between the two different brands of the fillers. After that we had a close look at my lips and he asked me what I would like the end result to be. Then he also told me his opinion and what he thought would look nice. Once we finished discussing all this it was time for the injection. I was told that there would be no anesthesia unless the pain was unbearable. I was a little bit nervous about how much it was going to hurt but Dr Nikolis was very gentle and there was almost no pain at all. Yay, now that’s a good doctor!

Dr Nikolis followed the natural line of my lips, and made sure not to overfill the top lip, keeping the natural balance of the top lip smaller than the bottom lip, which is how people’s lips are shaped in nature. Otherwise I would look like I have duck-lips which is not very attractive at all. The top lip is almost always significantly smaller than the bottom. He explained that by keeping this ratio, I’d look more natural, and he was right.

I do want to let you know that this treatment is not for those that are extremely needle shy, since you will be getting injected several times by the end of the treatment as the filler has to be spread out through out the whole lip to achieve the result you are looking for and balance any un-symetries.

I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw however, Dr Nikolis told me that he will save what’s left of the injection and let the filler settle into my lips for a few days, then I will come back to see if I need to add more and where. That was OK with me. So a few days later I came back to see Dr Nikolis. He looked carefully at my lips and asked what I thought and where I want to go from here. I said I would like to add some more and he agreed with me about adding the rest of the injections through-out my lips.

The procedure itself was not really painful in my opinion and I had absolutely no bruising after the injection. My lips were a little sore here and there but nothing to extreme. I now absolutely LOVE my new plump, natural looking lips and this is a treatment I would do again to maintain the nice look of my lips I have at the moment. I also think that this was a very pleasant treatment due to the wonderful and very professional Dr Nikolis at Vic Park Medi Spa and all the other staff that works there. The clinic is very nice, relaxing and I love that the Medi Spa has a small recovery room in the back where you can sit for a few minutes after you’ve had your treatment done that way everyone on the outside won’t know what you had done.

One thing that Dr Nikolis said to me that really stuck in my head was ” When you get a treatment done you don’t want people to know that you for example had your lips enhanced, instead you want them to say you look great,very rested, your face is glowing but in-fact they have no idea what you had done.” I could not agree more with Dr Nikolis on this and so far no one has asked me if I had my lips enhanced but they have told me that I look great! Mission accomplished!

Here are some before and after pictures of my lips.

My lips before the  injection.

My lips after the injection.

I would like to thank Vic Park’s Medi Spa and Dr Nikolis for taking very good care of me and letting me have a great first time experience having this treatment done.

If you are interested in this procedure or maybe another one please visit Vic Park Medi Spa HERE or you can contact them on 514-488-7722.

Ahh, the things we do for beauty!

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