I Dyed My Eyebrows Black


Hey Lovelies!

How are you? How was your friday? Mine was pretty good but there was a lot of in and out all day which is sort of fun. I sporadically decided that I wanted to go and get my eyebrows shaped so I called for an appointment and they had one in half an hours so of course I rushed there. Once I got there I asked her if she could dye my eyelashes black because they are pretty light since I’m a blond. Once she dyed them I felt like going a little crazy, out of my comfort zone so I decided to get my eyebrows dyed black as well. I have never done that before but I have always loved the look of blonds with larger and very dark eyebrows. I feel like it’s a very french look. Anyhow I did it so what do you think? I LOVE it! It’s different and I find that it makes my eyes pop more and defines the features of my face more. In the picture above I’m wearing zero makeup so the my eyebrows look very extreme. However, imagine so eye makeup such as black eyeliner painted like a cat eye, light eyeshadow and black mascara, I think it will look stunning. Either way at the end of the day the dye washes out so it’s not a big deal if I don’t like it as well as I can always cover them up with my bangs. But like I said I think that once my makeup is done it will look pretty awesome.

Would you dye your eyebrows black?

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1 comment to I Dyed My Eyebrows Black

  • Hi Vik!

    Your eyebrows look great and you are so right! Your eyes will definitely pop!

    I read your blog often and think it’s great how you’re doing with all of your exercise and fashion tips! I’ve also been trying to tone up and have managed to loose a stone (lots of stress weight has come off)!

    Thanks for writing encouraging thoughts and positive memos for those like me who are keen to keep in shape and for it to be part of my lifestyle. Keep up the hard work, you’re looking hot!

    All the best, a UK fan living in London.


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