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Hey Lovelies!

This is yet another interesting post that I’ve looked forward to writing. It has taken me quite a bit of time to research it and put it together but I think it has “most def” been worth the wait.

After all, we share the love of bags and share the LOVE of Hermes. Since we all know that they don’t post the prices of their bags and accessories, I’m sure this post will be useful to those who have been wanting to have an Hermes bag or other item. Some of you are probably curious as how much to save for the bag but don’t have the time to go to the boutique just yet. Others are simply doing their research as to where to buy a Hermes item for the best price. Am I right?

Well, well, don’t worry I got you covered. Below are the most popular Hermes items and their current prices in different parts of Shall we have a look?


25cm Kelly:
Lizard €8250

28 Kelly:
Swift retourne €4900, Box Sellier, €6100
Box retourne AUD$9125

Togo retourne USD8150 pre-tax

32 Kelly:
Togo Retourne €4650
Swift Retourne USD 8500
Clemence retourne HKD68,000
Togo Retourne USD$8300 plus sales tax
Epsom Retourne (Candy) $8,000 (pre-tax)
Togo retourne PHP405,000
Box Sellier £6040
Chevre de Coromandel retourne $9100 (pre-tax)
Togo retourne 820000 yen (pre-tax)
Box Retourne AUD$10,265

35 Kelly:
Togo Retourne USD 8550
Togo retourne €5400
Epsom sellier €5900
Box Sellier SGD14,700
Ghillies €6,750
Chevre de Coromandel retourne $9,100 (pre-tax)
Epsom retourne 888000 yen (pre-tax)
Togo/clemence 29500 AED

40 Kelly:
Clemence €6900
Epsom €6700


Kelly Pochette:
Swift USD$4300
Chevre €3,000 (Paris/VAT incl.)
Swift $4,675 USD (after increase)
Evergrain £2810

Kelly Danse:
USD $3925
Swift €2,480

Shoulder Kelly:

Kelly Lakis 28:
Swift S$17,000(w/GST)

Kelly Lakis 32:
USD $12,200.00 (excl tax)
Swift €7,700

Kelly Longue wallet:
Epsom AUD$3280
Chevre US$2950
Epsom €2,050
Chevre €2,050
Lizard €3,650
Chevre HK$26,100
Epsom AUD$3,435 (after increase)
Epsom 5050 TL

Kelly Medium wallet:


25 Birkin:

Ombre Lizard €8500

Epsom HKD 62,200

Epsom US $7,600

30 Birkin:
Togo £5660
Epsom $8600
Croc Himalaya €3,0800
Barenia croc diamonds £150,000
Togo 61000 Sek
Birkin Club US$10200
Chevre US$10100 (pre-tax)
Clemence US$9450 (pre-tax)
Togo €5950
Swift USD 9,500 (pre-tax)
Box US$10,300 (pre-tax)
Togo PHP464,000
Ostrich €11900
Chevre Mysore SO €6350
Epsom AUD$10,400
Togo $9,450 USD
Epsom SGD 13,400
Chevre Mysore HK$82,300
Epsom USD$9200
Croc Himalayan USD$48500
Club HK$83,600
Candy Epsom S$13,400 (w/ GST)
Togo JPY 990,000 (without VAT)
Croc MYR 130,000

35 Birkin:
birkin club €7,100.00 (paris)
birkin togo €6500 (Italy)
birkin togo US$9550.00
birkin togo HK$84,200
birkin togo USD$10300 (after increase)
birkin togo £6180
birkin box €6950
birkin togo €6,500 (paris)
birkin togo SFR 9’550
birkin clemence SFR 9’550
birkin porosus €31,200
Club HK$92,000
birkin clemence HK$84500
Togo JPY 1,060,000 (without VAT)
Clemence IDR100,913,000,-
Clemence €6,500
Croc MYR 150,000
Togo/Clemence 36,500 AED

40 Birkin:
Togo CAD $10750
Togo CAD $11640.00
Togo €7050
Barenia HK$97200
Togo SEK 71,000


Herbag Zip: GM:
$2450 US (pre-tax)

Shoulder Birkin II (JPG II):


Jige clutch:

Jige Elan Satin + Lizard HKD 35,500
Jige Elan swift €1960
Jige Elan Milo/Chevre €2,020
Jige Élan Epsom USD $3,050 (pre-tax)
Jige Elan swift HKD 29000

Medor clutch:

23cm Box leather AUD$5120
23cm Tadelakt £2760
23cm Box leather $4,675 (pre-tax)

Egee clutch:
Box USD $4,125 (pre-tax)


Lindy 26:

Clemence $6100

Lindy 30:
Clemence AUD$7170
Clemence TWD$ 211200
Clemence (éclat) CAD$6250 pre tax
Clemence/eclat USD$6750
Clemence £4040
Swift HKD47,800
Clemence (eclat) €4250 (Paris)
Clemence €3740 (Paris airport price)
Clemence PHP335000
Clemence CAD$5875 pre-tax
Clemence USD6750 pre-tax
Matte Alligator USD 33,000 pre-tax
Clemence AED 26,240
Clemence MYR 25,200
Clemence SGD 9700
Swift €4,300

Lindy 34:
Clemence (Lindy eclat) USD $6,500 pre-tax
Clemence (Eclat) Cad $6825.00 pre-tax
Clemence CAD $6250 pre-tax
Clemence DKK 39500
Clemence SGD 9,900
Clemence AUD$8,265


Jypsiere 28:
Clemence USD$6550
AUD $7820
USD $7300
Clemence €4600
Clemence Eclat SGD 10400
Niloticus Crocodile SGD 50300

Jypsiere 34:
Clemence $8650 USD
Clémence $9900 AUD

Jypsiere 37:
Clemence $9200 USD


SO kelly 22:

Togo USD 6,200 (pre-tax)
Togo Eclat £3,710 GBP

SO kelly 26:
Togo USD $6800 pretax
Php 330,000*


Mini Bolide:

Swift CAD 4500

31 Bolide:
USD$7150 plus sales tax
Clemence JPY 664,000

35 Bolide Relax:
Swift JPY 407,000
Sikkim USD $5,550 (pre-tax)

37 Bolide:
Clemence USD $6,800 pre tax
Clemence CAD$6975 pre tax
Clemence Php 380,000

40 Bolide Relax:
Sikkim USD $6,000 pre-tax


Constance Elan:*

Epsom with regular HW AUD$8565
Epsom with PHW – TWD$ 243500
Box with PHW – US$8650
Epsom – USD $7750 pre tax
Epsom PHW CAD 7700 pretax
Swift PHW £5040
Crocodile Nilo US$23,900
Swift PHW HK$67500

Constance 18cm:
Epsom US$5950
Epsom US$6400
Epsom HK$51600
Swift HK$54100

Constance 24cm:
Swift enamel HW US $9150
swift regular HW CHF 6200aa
swift enamel HW TWD $300×00
Gator ghw £15500
Epsom $8550
swift enamel HW USD$9800
Ottomann SGD 13,900

Constance Long Wallet:
Epsom €2750
Tadelakt 2810 pound
Epsom AUD$4695
Epsom US$4,025



Clemence USD $6,900 pre-tax

Shoulder Atlas:
Togo €3800


20cm Toolbox:

suede+swift *S$10,500

33cm Toolbox:
$9525.00 CAD pre-tax
Swift €5850


Dogon Combined wallet:

Togo (20 x 12.5cm) $1970 aud
Togo €1,180
Togo US$1700 pre tax
Dogon Long wallet:
Togo €1,100

Dogon Combine:
Togo IDR16,225,000


36cm Double Sens:

Sikkim USD$3,600 pre-tax

45cm Double Sens:
US$3,650 pre-tax
Clemence US$3650


Garden Party:

36 mm HK$23800 (before increase Jan 9)
36mm US$2700
TPM CAD $2825.00 plus 13% tax
30cm leather AUD $3410
36 cm leather US$3275
30cm leather SGD4,350
36cm leather €2060 (Paris)
36cm) canvas SGD2950
TPM negonda US$3075
TPM fjord US$3075
36 cm buffalo US$3275
36cm canvas AUD $2105
MM fjord & toile USD $2625
MM canvas with fjord $2625
38cm canvas with buffalo £1,280
MM leather SGD 4,650
TPM leather USD pretax $3,075
PM, 36cm) €2060
TPM, 30cm €1710 airport price
MM HKD 26,200


Evelyne II GM:*
Clemence USD $3000 pre-tax
Clemence £1880 GBP

Evelyne III PM:
£1680 GBP
$3130 Aud
€1,760.00 (paris)
Clemence US$2,800
Clemence SEK 17,000
Epsom 79,400 NTD duty free

Evelyne III GM:
Clemence RM11700
Clemence HKD 25,000
Clemence USD pretax $3,075
Clemence DKK 18900
clemence €1970

Marwari PM:
£2160 GBP
Clemence €2270
Clemence US$3600 pretax


Victoria II:

Clemence €2900
grizzly calfskin $5450
Clemence £2,760
Clemence €2900
Clemence USD $4,600 (pre-tax)

Victoria Elan 38:
USD $4050
Clemence USD $4,275 (pre-tax)


Silk version USD $5850 pre-tax


Picotin PM:


US$2325 pre-tax
Clemence US$2375
Clemence 67,900 NTD duty free

Picotin MM:
HKD $21,000
Clemence USD $2,625 pre-tax
Clemence £1560
Clemence SGD3750
Clemence 74,600 NTD duty free

Picotin GM :
Clemence USD $3,100 pre-tax

Cabag GM

Canvas US$1725

Steeple Tote:

canvas US$3275

Clou de Selle:


CDC bracelet:

1/2012 Swift $1350 AUD
1/2012 Epsom €870
1/2012 All silver USD $3025 pretax
2/2012 Epsom USD $1150 pretax
2/3/2012 Alligator US$1950 pretax
2/2012 Silver $3525
2/2012 Silver €2650
2/2012 Silver AUD$4210
2/2012 CDC Swift GBP 810
3/2012 Barenia £810
3/2012 Swift €870
3/2012 Swift USD 1,150 pre-tax
3/2012 Swift S$1850 w/GST
4/2012 Epsom 2240 TL
4/2012 Lizard 2600 TL

Kelly Dog Bracelet:

GBP 350
Leather USD$490
Alligator USD$1050
Epsom HKD4,700
Alligator AED4690

Kelly Double Tour Bracelet

regular leather $475
Swift $455
Swift €345
Swift AUD$550
Swift HKD4,400
Swift AED2090
Lizard 1390 TL pre 12.5% VAT refund
Swift 885 TL

Rivale Bracelet:

Leather USD $560 pre-tax
Swift HKD 5,400
1080 TL

Ano Bracelet:

Swift £435
USD $770
USD $620 leather
Lizard USD pretax $720

Behapi bracelet:

HKD 2,888

Farandole Silver 160 cm:

Php 82,000

Farandole Silver 120 cm:
S$2,500 w/GST
Php 77,000

Farandole Silver 80cm:
S$2,100 w/GST


4400 NTD duty free

Well, that’s it. Of course there are many other Hermes items out there but these are the most popular ones. I hope this proves to be useful to everyone who LOVES Hermes as much as me.

***Please note that prices may vary. If you know the price in your area, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments section. I am always trying to update the prices as I find out the new prices of  Hermes items so keep sending me your info ladies.***

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  • MontrealFashionGeek

    WOW, I have been waiting forever for an article like this! Thanks @ViktoriaLove for giving us some insite. We truly appreciate it. Have a lovely day.

  • NinaE

    Thank you for such a brilliant post Viktoria!! I can now add this to my daily to do list after reading your Chanel prices post. ;)

  • LengW

    This shall henceforth be my holy grail for bag prices! Thanks for this wonderful, detailed guide! Love it!

    • Hey Leng W,

      Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the post! There is also a post about the latest prices for Chanel bags around the world if you are interested in that.


  • Repatha

    I been searching for page like this for go long….. Like it

  • madiha

    hey victoria,

    just saw the large herbag in melbourne for 2800 AUD. also do you know if its convertible, as in can you turn it inside out? i’ve also sen some people mention they can change covers, can one buy a separate cover or does it come with?

  • Leng W

    Prices as of December 2012

    egee black box with PHW £2480
    Evelyn mango GM in clemence £1860
    Canvas garden party bag bougainville 30cm £1100
    Twilly £95
    Twilly rings £125
    Scarf ring £125
    Pocket square £115
    Double twirl Kelly leather £320
    Clic h thin £425
    Clic h wide w PHW £590
    clic h wide w enamelled HW £690
    Victoria élan rouge casaque £2570

    europe …….Kelly long wallet etoupe

  • bijit

    love it ,I have been looking for something like this for a while and today I got it. Thinking Of gifting a hermes bag to my lovely mom and it will definitely help me.

  • Kelly

    How much herbag zip in hkd? What color do you have? Any fully leather like leather kelly?
    Thank you and ill really appreciate that.

  • n

    Hi thank you for such an informative post!
    I would like to ask do you know how much is the price for kelly longue the clutch?
    or is it called kelly cut im not sure! would love to get one for my mom but don’t know the price

  • Linda

    Hello! I’m wondering are they selling at the same price in different parts of europe? such as vienna, prague, and czech republic. Thanks so much!!

  • Angelina

    The information provided above is very useful. Thank you. Just wondering if the prices are still the same for some places like Paris, Hermes Garden Party bag was listed at €2060. Would they have any left in the store? The bag has been a sold out in my country.

  • clara


    What is the rough estimate price of a shinny crocodile 25 Kelly out stitch please, about 10 years old pre-owned. condition ok.


  • Ching-Ming Fan

    Would you please tell me if there are birkin bags or kelly bags available in New York or South France? I used to go to Hermes in Italy and Switzerland. But the salesperson told me there were no birkin bags and kelly bags available. Would you please also tell me how I can get one birkin bag or kelly bag?

    Thank you for your help!


  • May Tseng

    Hi, I would like to know the difference amongst Evelym II , III, GM & PM ? Anyone can help please

  • catherine

    You are truly a Hermes Legend! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of your publication! Thank you !

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