Sweat, Happiness, Bum Ache & Thighs Of Steel


Hey Lovelies!

This morning as soon as I opened my eyes my phone rang, it was the receptionist from my gym calling to let me know that Zumba was cancelled today because the instructor was sick. I said OK, no problem and thought to myself no big deal I’ll just go a workout on my own today. So I got ready and headed to the gym. When I got there I went to fill up my water bottle and that’s when I met Kelly (one of the instructors at Vic Park). She smiled at me and asked if I was taking her spinning class this morning. I quickly responded that there was no way I would do spinning for an hour. However, a couple of minutes later and a few persuasions from the other girls at the gym I was sitting on a spinning bike with the class about to begin. Trust me the thought of how am I going to make it through this class crossed me like a thousand times before I had to bike like I’ve never biked before.

I want to share this experience with all of you so let me start from the very beginning. Sandwiched in between the Jane Fonda and the Pilates decades, spinning was a hot gym class in the late nineties then seemed to fizzle out shortly into the twentieth century. We all know that when most fitness trends die, they pretty much die. That’s why I’ve been so surprised that so many people are talking about spinning these days.

Little studios exclusively dedicated to indoor cycling  have become celebrity magnets. Seats are reserved days in advance and instructors have huge fan bases.  Even classes in regular gyms (such as my gym Vic Park) are packed as soon as there is a spinning class on the schedule. It’s not just a big city thing either, I’ve actually checked in with a lot of my friends all over the country who tell me they’re seeing the same thing.

When I walked into the class it seemed to me like everyone in the room was talking excitedly, clearly jazzed up about the ride they are going to make for the next 60 min. The instructor’s name was Kelly (she is amazing) however I learned nothing about her personal life (some instructors tend to spill the beans while teaching) but I mean that in a good way. She spent most of the class shouting cadence and intensity goals and telling us how to keep up the pace like a drill sergeant to keep up with the said goals. Seeing my numbers and knowing everyone could see them too made me hustle to keep up the best I could and I think I did awesome for a first timer.

Kelly’s class was challenging, jumps, sprints,  hills and insanely loud music that kept you pushing your limits to the max. However, 60 minutes later, I was drenched in sweat and I looked like I just had a shower with my clothes on but I felt amazing at the same time. One thing I have to admit is that my bum hurts a little, I guess I’m not used to sitting on a little hard saddle for 60 minutes but I guess that’s something one can get used to. I can honestly see spinning becoming one of my new gym addictions especially with all the great instructors at Vic Park and of course Kelly being one of them.

Taking this class made me wonder why indoor cycling ever went out of style. Or did it? It offers such an awesome, no-impact aerobic session that burns MEGA calories and tones your butt and thighs like a sculpt workout. If you’re on a mission to murder calories then spinning is totally one of the ways to go and the best spinning classes are at Vic Park.

As for me, I plan to toss myself  into a spinning class more often from now on. What about you? Do you like spinning or do you want to try it?

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