If Not Now, Then When?



Good Morning Lovelies!

I keep thinking it’s Tuesday this morning but in-fact it’s Wednesday which brings us one step closer to the weekend, already. Yay! It also makes me a little stressed since it’s already mid-week and I have tons of stuff I need to do.

This morning I’m doing my power shift at the gym like every Wednesday so I’m excited, I just hope my foot dosn’t hurt to much. I hurt it last week and I thought the pain would go away in a few days but it’s still there. I have been told to rest it but that’s not something I can afford with summer around the corner.

After the gym I have quite a few things to take care of at home which I have been delaying day after the because it’s nothing fun or exciting but it has to be done. I also have to call my travel agent back and book all my flight tickets for this summer, make an appointment with my esthetician, write a few posts and I really should do some groceries but I think I will delay that and just drink meal replacements instead. :)

BTW, does anyone have any suggestions for a storage solution for someone that has millions of accessories? I have so much stuff and I would like to get one storage unit that fits everything. So that when I decided I want to accessorize I open this “thing” and choose between all the accessories I have. Right now they are storage away in different parts of my bedroom and I find it very annoying to pick something to wear when I have to accessorize. Any ideas or tips you can give me? Please!

This is the ideal accessory storage unit that I would have in mind but the problem is I don’t know where I can purchase this unit or a similar one to this one. If you know please let me know!

OK, time to burn some calories (little creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes smaller at night) at the gym. Vic Park, here I come!!!

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