Pretty Much My Most Favorite Victoria Day Weekend Of All Time In The History Of Ever


Hey Lovelies!

How was your long weekend? Mine was lots of fun! I did anything and everything and now I need another weekend to just recover and regain my energy from this past weekend. Friday I went to the gym and then I met up with a friend and we hiked the mountain. From bottom to the top and back down again. Once we reached the car we decided we were starving so we went to eat something and have some sangria and that’s when it all started. I have been drinking sangria for the past four days but as of today it’s BASTA!

A very good salad at Typhoon on Monkland.

Sangria drinking began!

Saturday morning I ran to the gym, worked out and then ran back home to shower and get ready to go up north. My friends little daughter was having a B-day party so everyone was invited up north to their gorgeous water home from with their private beach. It was a beautiful day spent up north and I had sooooo much fun.

This is Prince and I pretty much spent all day playing with him. OMG, I just love boxers they are they best dogs ever!

I chilled on one of the decks for a while. It was so relaxing and the view was gorgeous.

Me and Prince. He was a little tired here after running around the whole day and playing with all the kids and everyone else that was there.

Prince got a bone and he decided that he was going to dig a hole in the garden and burry his bone there. I just had to take these pics of him since his whole face was covered in sand and dirt. Such a cutie pie!!!

Here I am on the way home absolutely exhausted for a super fun day spent up north. But the day was not over since I had to go home and get ready to go out for some parteeey time!

Ok I’m ready for some Saturday night fun! I passed by my friends party down town to say hello and then I went with some friends for more sangria at the roof top of Hotel de la Montagne. We enjoyed the nice weather and of course the wonderful view from the roof top.

Marta and Me

Sunday, was the opening day of Piknic Elektronic and it was absolutely AWESOME however I will do a completely different post on that since I have tons of fun pictures to show you. Yay!

OK, so Monday the last day of the long weekend. I woke up and headed to the gym since I don’t go to the gym on Sundays I was eager to go as soon as I woke. After the gym my friends picked me up and we went to Jean Talon market to buy some food for the BBQ we had later in the evening. However, after the shopping at the market we decided for a sporadic trip to St-Anne-De-Belle-Vue. It was fun! We had some more sangria and an ice cream.

Let me tell you that last night when I got home after the BBQ I was so tired that I think I fell asleep in literally 5 minutes and I feel like I need another weekend now just to be able to recover from this weekend. Lots of fun, partying, chilling and dancing! Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well but now it’s back to reality for me and time to do some work. I hope you enjoyed some of my pics from this weekend and stay tuned for the special post on the opening of Piknic Elektronic.

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