Me In A Montreal State Of Mind


Heeeeey Lovelies!!

How are you? It’s a pretty beautiful day today, or still is shall I say. I have been all over Montreal today, well sort off. I’ve done quite a bit though which is always good. Of course I started with working out at the gym and today I did weights and an hour of Nancy’s crazy intense zumba class. WTF! So much fun but SO hard. Then it was time to run to the super market to get a few bits and pieces I was missing at home. I literally wash in and out of the shower in 5 minutes and out the door in 7 minutes. I had a nail appointment which I managed to be a little late for but since all the girls at H&M Nails are so lovely they still did my nails and they look aaaaaamazing as always.

Since I decided to go for neon pink nails I decided that I needed to update my gym wardrobe with some neon pink. I headed over to Lulu Lemon and got a few pieces which I just can’t wait to wear. I love the neon and black color combo and I just know I will work out so much harder in my new gym clothes! Ha ha…

I had parked my car on Sherbrooke at one point and when I got back to the car my little “Brit” had found a Mini girlfriend so I just had to snap a pic of them. They looked so cute parked one behind the other, don’t you think?

I got home not to long ago and since I don’t eat breakfast I was totally starved so I made this yummy fruit salad for lunch. Spoiled! I LOVE fruits so much that I could just live of them and vegetables. Besides don’t you feel like that’s all you want to eat when the weather gets better? I don’t feel like anything to heavy or warm, just saying.

As I was leaving Vic Park I spotted this gorgeous flower on the counter. I looked to beautiful to be real so I had to go touch it and to my surprise it was REAL! I just had to take a pic because I have not seen a flower this perfect and fake looking in a long time. I love flowers and wish I could fill my house with millions on fresh flowers on a daily basis. Now I have to do a little bit of work before I head out for my afternoon run. Remember, I told you that I will be working out mornings and evenings till I go on vacation so here I go!

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