Pain Is Just Weakness Leaving Your Body


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Hey Lovelies!

It’s been quite some time since I gave you a real update on my working-out-progress so I thought it was about time. I’ve been going to the gym six days a week since the last post and I have been training for a minimum of two hours a day. I try to alternate my workouts as much as I can since i know the body has it very east to get used to things which in the end does not give the best results. Every time I go I push myself as hard as I can. Some people keep telling me that I’m working out too much or to hard but I just ignore them or agree with them because I finally found out what works for my body and what makes me feel great.

When I first started working out I felt more tired at the end of the day or sometimes I was fighting the urge of taking a nap in the afternoon however recently I have notice that, that is starting to change. I now feel I have more energy than I used to have. I have also noticed that I am getting stronger. I noticed that last week when I took the same weight I always take at the gym and I did the same exercise but it was just to easy and I had to increase my weight. Woohoo!!!

Remember when I told you all I had a two-pack? OK, that was great. It was the first step but now I have a four-pack and the sides of my stomach are much more defined than they have ever been in my life. OMG, it’s results like this that motivate me and make my adrenaline pump like crazy and just as I’m writing this I feel like just turning of the computer and running back to the gym.

I’m going on vacation soon again so I have decided that I will take my training till the next level until I leave no matter what anyone has to say. I will now try to train morning and afternoon at least three times a week and the other three days I will just train in the morning. I have also cut out a lot of my meats and fish in my meals and replaced that by raw and vegan food. Another thing I have introduced to my diet is drinking tons on chlorophyll in my water as well as I am taking another supplement to cleanse my stomach and intestines. Let’s see how this goes for me but so far so good.

Although I’m against weighing myself since I want to be happy with the way my body looks and not how much I weight but I couldn’t resist standing on the scale the other day and I’m happy to say I have lost 15 pounds but I know I have also gained a lot of muscles so I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a little more than that. Either way I’m happy and can’t wait to be back in the gym tomorrow am to keep working hard.

A few weeks ago I met with a naturopath and he told me a lot of very interesting things that I will share with all of you but I’ll leave that for a separate post later this week.

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