Always Wear Your Invisible Crown


Hey Lovelies!

How are you on this extremely humid and hair frizzing day? I love hot weather! Give me beach, sun, 40 degrees weather but please spare me the humidity we just don’t get along at all! Just saying… So how are you? I’m pretty good considering the circumstances, one of them being the weather and the other being I over-trained yesterday. I went to the gym for a two hour workout in the am but then in the afternoon I decided to join my friend so an hour and a half dance class and then right after take an hour and a half hot yoga class. Yeah, so that equals about 5 hours of working out so you can just imagine how I feel today. Sore all over, literally every single muscle and bone in my body hurts. And to top it off I hurt my foot in the dance class by thinking I was a super skilled piruette dance and we all know I’m not. Not sure what I was thinking when I was spinning…oh yeah I wasn’t I was just having fun and now I have to suffer for it. It’s all good though it was an amazing day and I was actually exhausted when I got home at midnight so I just went straight to bed. Felt pretty good.

After I limped to the gym this morning and did what I could with my injured foot I came back to do work. I’ve been bombarded with emails I had to answer and I had to post all the gorgeous photos from Sugar Ball 2012. That was a lot of photos but how could I not include them all since they were all so nice. I was also invited as a guest blogger for GlossyBox Canada so I finally made myself sit down and write the post for them as well. As soon as they post it I will let you know so that you can read all my beauty tips and tricks.

Now it’s time for me to actually eat something since I forgot to eat today. I think I might treat myself to some Sushi it’s been way to long and I love it so much! OK, time to roam through all those menus to see which is the best resto that delivers sushi because I ain’t leaving my house this evening.

Have a lovely evening and speak soon my lovelies!

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